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does anybody have a good 1000pt zone mortalis tyranid list i could use?

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>GMing Deathwatch
>players read about the Omophagea, do a double take, then start doing things like stealing a Tau plane and eating a little bit of its erstwhile pilot every so often so they can keep doing it
Is this normal? Because this shit is fucked up.

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Death Company Blood Angels.

First, I love the fluff. Once noble warriors that have entirely succumbed to the rage and hatred that they have kept in check their entire lives, finally released to live out their last moments tearing their enemies apart with whatever the fuck they feel like.

Secondly, nothing survives if a Land Raider Crusader full of Death Company gets into threat range. Nothing.

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Gonna run a game where my Deathwatch Marines are forced to fight a CSM detachment.

For story's sake just gonna say they had just killed a xeno threat when a bunch of CSMs orbital dropped into the planet. Why ? Because I'm sick and tired of "Deathwatch only fights Xenos".

How should I go about doing this /tg/ ? Use a regular marine rules or try to translate Deathwatch rules to the game or what ?

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-DC on foot inside RAZORBACK!(keep these guys for objectives and shoot shit)

DC can't claim objectives...

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This wasn't even intentional /tg/

> Me and jewish friend decide we are gonna write our own chapters and create a setting in which they come into action.
> He writes a completely bland/plain chapter, basically ripping off the plot of Warhammer Space Marine and replacing Orks with Tyranids and Ultramarines adn Blood Ravens with His Chapter.
> I create a Sucessor Chapter of the Black Templars, The Dark Crusaders that's fanatical about maintaining harmony within the Imperium.
> Write that their first major Campaign is the War of Belamar, system in which the dominant nobility declared itself independent from the Imperium.
> Write the Belatorian Nobility as stupidly propense to Greed and Cruelty. They constantly enslave and attack weaker planet in the system with no means of defending themselves but that won't accept their rule.
> The Belatorians essentially promote genocide of anyone that doesn't belong to their class and originally justify it to the Imperium that it's for the defense of their System.
> Their greed drives them to carry out Exterminatus on entire planets just to plunder it's riches.
> Eventually fall to Tzeentch and declare themselves Independent, which brings out war with the Imperium.
> My friend reads this and freaks out,
> Calls me a fucking racist and a goddamn Goy
> After getting back to my place I realize that my description of the Belatorians are way to similar to what Jews are doing in Palestine.

It's been 2 weeks and hasn't talked to me yet.
Srs, Jews get mad at everything

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Let's play a game, /tg/

Roll up a name and then try to fluff it out from that alone.
>Frenzied Warriors
Er... they're frenzied Space Marines who try really hard not to fall to Khorne? Possibly Blood Angel successors.

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ok /tg/ question time

can other races use tyranid weapons? yes I am aware they are called biomorphs and in some instances are attached to the 'nids themselves (ie barbed strangler), but I see the weapon that 'gaunts have and it looks like they are freehanded and should be able to be wielded by humans and stuff. Same goes for shit like the lash whip, it looks like the Tyrant is holding onto it, but is not merged with it. Thoughts?

tl;dr can people use tyranid weapons/biomorphs?

pic somewhat related

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Sup /tg/

So I'm wanting to do some music themes to certain groups in my army. I run flesh tearers, so they're already a bit of an insane group. I really want to come up with a cool song or something for Death Company, to where it sounds like the impending doom is marching forward as soon as the land raider hatch drops. Any suggestions?

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New thread: >>22252276

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I want to make a death company army with bolters.
What should I get.
Also can allies be my scoring units (not knowledgeable on 6th)

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Death Company.
20pts per model for FNP, Relentless, Rage (+2 attacks on charge), WS5, 2 Attacks base, any model can take a special ccw, 1 in 5 can have a special pistol.

Leave them with bolters and you have one of the best mid/close range units in the game. Throw in a chappy and you're golden.

Oh, and they unlock Death Company Dreadnoughts as Troops (per every 5 models).

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My 1000pt Blood Angels list:
- Power Sword
Assault Squad (5)
- Removed Jump Packs
- Twin linked Lascannons
Death Company (30)
Devastator Squad (5)
- Heavy Bolters (2)
- Missile Launchers (2)

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I rarely use my genestealers, and 'nids with allies makes no sense...

So from my point of view the 'nids got a buff with no downside.

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Hey /tg/

Got two equally shoddy 500 point lists to choose between, both fit the theme of my army nicely so it's a case of picking the better one to go with. Any thoughts?

Option 1:
Captain with Power Sword (115 points)
5 man Assault Squad without jump packs (100 points)
+Razorback with twin linked Lascannons (55 points)
5 man Assault Squad (100 points)
5 man Devastator Squad with 2 Heavy Bolters and 2 Missile Launchers (130 points)


Option 2:
Captain (100 points)
5 man Death Company (100 points)
+Razorback with twin linked Lascannons (90 points)
5 man Assault Squad (100 points)
5 man Devastator squad with either 2 heavy bolters or 2 missile launchers, or 1 of each (110 points)

Thanks in advance for any input!

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Hey /tg/, I just shared a story with a friend of mine who frequents this board, and he said that you all might be interested in hearing it, so here I go with the copy/pasta from our conversation.
About two hours ago, while I was idly browsing on my computer, I got a message from a pal who I regularly play Space Maine with. She had just beaten the CSM exterminatus mode, which, for her, completed the set. Pumped from her victory, and seeking a new challenge, she suggested that we try to beat the bonus round from one of the original two exterminatus arenas.
“Sure,” I said. I had wanted to find out what happens after the bonus for a while, and I heard they may even be an achievement involved. We geared up, grouped up, and set out on what would certainly be the most remarkable play though of the Hab Center that I will ever have.

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rolled 1, 6, 2, 4, 2 = 15

I... Holy shit. You turn the lead tyranid into a smear on the floor, and maim the second one as the opther two approach.

Second (injured) one vs Fearghas, with supporting devourer worms as the last die.

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