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I just played my first game with clan 'mechs after lots of 3025 introtech. I played 3 Jade Falcon 'Mechs against 5 Steiner defenders.

My Ryoken casually dealt 37 damage with fair rolls. If I had a whole lance deal that much damage in 3025 I was having a good turn.

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I do love this thread.

OP, try Victoriana, it's from cubicle 7. Very good, and not that pricey.

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i thought the intro fit the "feel" of enterprise better than an orchestral score ever could

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jesus christ, and they get movement speed bonuses, and cloaking? and skill bonuses?
holy fuck i should have read this thing b4.

thats what we are here for my brosef, peer review means we all gain knowledge and truth

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My first starfinder game started and im already having fun! the very first thing i did was save the crew from being sucked into space and boiled alive in a vacuum with my engineering check!

its fun!

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>Ferengi with QSD freighters

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Dubs confirm shooting into melee is dodgy.

>Captcha: Calle cochran

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By the name of Jesus F. Christ, that's a horrifying thought

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>mfw I interpreted this as 'you cannot truly appreciate Tolkien until you read it in the original Shakespeare'

I don't even want to imagine what that would be like.

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>that waist
Dear God that can't be healthy.

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>New Chapter
>Start with 52 suits of Terminator Armour
That's pretty much double my second highest amount, Goddamn.

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jesus christ
put that in an image

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>shit tier point defnse
enjoy getting anal pained by drones and fighters
>no cloaking
enjoy being detected by every pirate in the galaxy
>no scout fighters
enjoy getting alpha striked by pirates

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cool. more the merrier. cant wait to see what they come up with.

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I do over-nights at a gas station that is also a bakery and a subway.
I have all types of random encounters.
Sometimes it's even me that is the encountee.
This one started as a random encounter.
I'll give a bit of back story.

>Homeless man comes in
>Apologises for interrupting my cleaning
>I wave him off and ask him what he wants
>Says he wants a sandwich cause he hasn't had anything "that" healthy in a while
>Make him the best sandwich I can
>Doesn't have enough to pay for it
>Tell him not to worry about it and give it to him anyway
>He thanks me profusely
>Starts telling me what happened
>Was a SAS soldier in the Vietnam war
>Got PTSD but was neglected by society
>Can barely find a job cause of his age
>All these other problems as well
>I talk to him and try to give him advice/condolences

After that he came in every so often and I gave him discounts/freebies cause he was clearly in a bad situation.
(We give the bread and baked goods that we don't sell by midnight to charity anyway)

>Get to talking with him more and more
>He's my hobo-friend by this point
>One busy night, we have a lot of cash coming in
There was a music festival on, so lots of drunks/druggies coming in to buy stuff.
>I'm in the office doing paperwork and watching the camera's
>There's a guy with a pistol holding up our clerk
>Calmly walk out there and proceed to give him what he wants
>Then suddenly my hobo-friend appears from one of the isles
>Sneaks up behind this guy and breaks his arm while disarming him.
>Slams the criminals face into the counter breaking his nose
>There's blood everywhere
>Hobo-SAS man is holding his non broken arm in a lock telling him to stop crying like a bitch
>Cops arrive and arrest the criminal and almost arrest my friend
>Explain what happened
>Show the cops the footage
>They are genuinely impressed

And that is the day my hobo-friend got a job as a security guard.
We still keep in touch.
>MFW this all happened

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>Ultimate Warrior comic

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Fucking awesome, reminds me of the sewer mutants from Futurama, but more badass

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is that thing real?

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>this entire thread
Thank you based OP!

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