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Hey /tg/, my friends and I have only ever played Pathfinder and we've been looking to branch out. I was looking into it, and 40k seemed like something we might want to do. But I've heard a lot of bad shit about Warhammer 40k, so do you guys have any other suggestions for a wargame? Or is 40k fine?
IF 40k,
>is there a way to play it cheaper?

>is the game itself hard to learn?

>does it have a solid community?

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you want me to leave?

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I love pics of soldiers on their down time
>dat carry handle
I love it

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where are you OP?

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You posted it.

Really like Fallout's Advanced Power Armor because it actually looks like something real people could wear. The head looks a little weird, but not weird enough that it's not still intimidating.

40k power armor is fine, but dem pauldrons.

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gw generics for a bit.

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Assholes, all of you.
I'm not saying you're wrong.
But you are all assholes.

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> Astartes Targeter
>red dot and telescopic sight, enemies at -10 to dodge

Whoof. That's what? +10 for the Laser Dot, ignoring range penalties for a full aim action.
Shove that on a Stalker Boltgun with Accurate and you have a sniping weapon that if you take a full aim action net's you: +40% to hit at long and extreme range and up to 2 extra D10 damage per 2 degrees of success.
From 800 meters away.

On the other hand, the Stalker isn't silenced so I guess you better hope one shot is all you need.
So to speak.

How much Requisition do starting Marines get anyway? And is it possible for a marine to start with any of the 2 weapon feats?
Plus (last question I swear) the reknown level, how does it work? Do you only count as being Famed or Respected once you reach a certain level? Is it a feat that you purchase off your skills list, something more ephremal? What?

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File: 1254137126496.jpg
Upload Attempt 39 of 90
Time: 05/27/10 01:19:49
Mode: Classic

Running XChan Directory Dumper v3.1

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Sup /tg/ I got a story for you all today, sage it, troll it, hide and ignore it, I don’t quite give a damn, but I’ll tell you anyway. This is a story of how I had a retard moment and almost lost my space marines army, yeah, laugh it up, on the bus to day.

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