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This counts?

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Only for you, pic related.
From left to right:
>The Ordained Destiny
Lunar-class Cruiser, owned by our bro Jeremiah Blitz. Woke up from a party night and found he'd gold-plated the ship.
>The Wrathchilde
Dictator-class Cruiser, and the new flagship of the Godwin Dynasty. Features an archeotech drive and Lathe-pattern launch bays.
>The Iron Lord
Infidel-class Raider, previous Chaos raider captured by the Godwin Dynasty during their escape from The Processional of the Damned. Planned to being sold at The Breaking Yards.
>Unknown Name
A Hazeroth-class Privateer also captured during the escape from The Processional. Due to precise lance fire, it is lacking its entire command tower (not pictured in the model).
Firestorm-class frigate, previous flagship of the Godwin dynasty. Lance-equipped and fast, it took quite a beating in the escape from The Processional, and is planned for refit and repair at The Breaking Yards.

...And now I really want this game picked up form hiatus.

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