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>what's the ultimate rival for a cowboy or cowgirl?
The fall of the frontiers and the spread of civilization.

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Man I wish.
But the only thing that makes a VC similar to a lascannon is the price

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>tfw you realize you've spent $600 on gaunts

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>A protracted liberation campaign as in Legends didn't really happen.
Every day, post-Endor nucanon finds a new way to disappoint.

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>Race and gender being the focal point of a character is somehow an improvement

Do explain how the addition of a vagina or darker skin makes any of the above more interesting.

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>tfw you know this is bait but you also know that some 3aboos sincerely believe this

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>a 250 guardsman gunline+tanks

you ever fight this guy before?

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>Rewatching Generation Kill
>Desire to Only War intensifies

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Appropriate cringe. I put full speed into my techpriest's tread legs and charge into a daemon, looking at my weak-flesh comrades in arms with a sparkle twinkling in my lense and my rebreather giving a breathy, wheezing chuckle as I finally overload my plasma core.

Glory to the Omnissiah. I will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

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>mfw we're even shittier at Yggdrasil than the scrubs from Log Horizon were at Elder Tales

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Just because I'm aware of it's posible application as fluff in a game doesn't mean the lyrics themselves don't affect me too, anon.

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>Also, for everyone else, SWQ is only delayed because I am now collaborating with Gaben

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>Why is it worth a damn?
Aliums, son.

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>the meat grinder that would be Moscow isn't a smart idea
mfw alium controlled Stalin refuses to surrender

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>Restricted Gear (Run Faster) Betaware Wired Reflexes 3 (I cleared this with my DM and he said that it was probably OK), Reaction Enhancers 3 and cram before a run.
>Rigger's face when the guy in the back of his car is audibly vibrating in his seat

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Wow, anon. Just wow.

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I am all too glad this thread's past its bump limit and this stupid clusterfuck will be gone soon.

Secretly-applies poison and pommel-strikes?

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At the risk of poking the proverbial hornet's nest, it sounds like that jidf thing /pol/ keeps bangin' on about.

So it's basically people going on Facebook and telling terrorists to stop faffing about?

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>When did you first come to 4chan?
>What first brought you to /tg/?
I found out about the roleplaying games from some guy on /x/ in a colaborative writing thread.
>Have you ever met anyone from /tg/ in meatspace?
>Have you ever played a game with anyone from /tg/?
I've only played with people from /tg/.
>What's your favorite moment you've experienced on /tg/?
That time I got drunk and simultaneously bitched and answered questions about the V3 alpha.
>Where will you be going now?
Back to the military, most likely.

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