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and I went and forgot the pic like a derp.

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Haha...dat bitter hate.

Face it, little man. The Imperium depends on the bravery and heroism of the Cadians. They are by FAR the finest regiment of Guardsmen in the entire Imperium. Even the Marine salute them.

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GUARD they're the meat of kings, it's made from man try it with onion rings!
Guard sure goes with everyithing, 'cause they stand in lines and lines sure taste fine.
Bring some guard to the hive fleet baby, you know you wanna put them in my hambu
But please put them in some Chimera's 'cause I don't want to be a niddy chancher!
Let's talk about Guard, coverse about meat, Marines need wedgies 'cause Guard can't be beat!
Russ and bacon you should taste them, I know it's surprising but they're just so appetizing!

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Chattering apes...

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OP here, just woke up after posting this before bed.

Heres why hes over 4,000 years old
>As a child, Creed was found by soldiers of the Cadian 8th in the ruins of the city of Kasr Gallen, just after Abaddon's 8th Black Crusade
>8th Black Crusade was in 999.M37
>13th Black Crusade takes place in 999.M41
>Creed has been fucking Failbaddon's plans for 4,000 years, JUST got promoted.
>The Boss

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I'm thinking about starting an Imperial Guard but am unsure about how they fair as an army.

Are there any IG players on /tg/?

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The following units were originally deployed to Olenus Primaris at the campaigns outset, and are still active:

- 75th Liongrad Spirejumpers: Homeworld militarization has psychologically prepared regiment for heavy fighting. Regiment is outfitted primarily for urban warfare, and skill sets common among the regiment's Guardsmen compliment this loadout efficiently. Took part in the heavy fighting at the planetary capital, Primaris Hive. Liongrad contributed the campaign's official martyr, Guardsman Bailey, who bravely called an artillery strike in on his own position to destroy a column of Chaos berserkers. Bailey, however, later reappeared alive and well. Declared a Living Saint by General Linna, some distrust the 75th Liongrad, due to the unfortunate parralels between Bailey's recovery and that of Traitor Haas. Reporting at 30% Combat Readiness, and insanely high morale. Located at TFHQ.
- 957th Stormtrooper Regiment: Drastically undersupplied Stormtrooper regiment, veterans of the fighting at Primaris Hive who also played a large role in covering the relocation of the Primaris Task Force to Hive Tertius. They have been held in reserve since, and this has had a deleterious effect on the regiment's morale. Reporting 45% Combat Readiness.

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Krak grenades are our wargear.

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-For the more cyber-inclined aspects of WH 40k-
Feindflug - √Ątherkrieg

-For that Grimdark, end of world feel-
Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs

-Fighting Eldar or any other Xenos-
Toshikazu Tanaka - Bottom of the Sea
Metal Slug 5 OST

-March of the Imperium-
Basil Poledouris - Conan the Barbarian Suite

-Epic Battle Scene-
Drudkh - Only the Wind Remembers My Name (Instrumental)

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Couldn't find one that I saw last night so I'm starting another one up.

Post ideas, questions, greentext stories in here.

>Having players that want to play an Ogryn squad

What do, /tg/?

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Got my hands on the beta rulebook the other day, and have already got a group together to run through the sample campaign as a starting point. The game looks glorious, and I feel evokes a real 'Shellshock 40k: Vietnam' feel.

I'd just like to know, what kind of ideas and inroads have anons made on this game? /tg/ always seems to have good ideas.

I'll start:

>send squad to investigate an officer and his platoon that have gone AWOL in a compound in the jungle
>squad from nearby regiment already investigating, haven't heard from them in a week
>Fly the PC's in, trek to scout out compound.
>as they scout out compound from afar, sergeant tests to see if he feels fingers brushing his lapels
>have the path down the hill littered with corpses that have had their throats slit
>the other regiment is catachans, and they've been mindfucking the PCs
>have the catachans set up traps on the complex that the PCs can use (such as a mined trench the PC's can exfil through safely)

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Picked the wrong Imperial faction, baby.

The real heroes, the ones who make it happen, the day-in-day-outers, the grinders - c'mon, you know who I'm talking about.

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Hey /tg/, I was wondering, what is the standard percentage of the population tithed to the Imperium? How many young men can you remove from the population of a fairly well-developed planet without adversely affecting population growth and how often? I know some planets, like Elysia, have volunteer regiments, but is that just something they can get away with because they pay LOADS OF MONEY in taxes?

Also Imperial Guard/40K general.

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Sweet Mother of Emperor, it's like it was made for Only War...

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My friends recently got me interested in 40k and now we have all started getting new armies.
I've already bought an IG Cadian Battleforce to get me started and now need to know what else to get.
We have decided on starting with 500p armies and my friends (soon to be enemies) are getting Grey Knights and Orks.
This is what I'm thinking of having as a start.
Company Command Squad
4x Sniper Rifle

Heavy Weapons Squad
1x Autocannon 2x Lascannon

Infantry Squad

Infantry Squad

Platoon Command Squad
Grenade Launcher

Veteran Squad
6x Lasgun, 3x Plasma Gun

Fast Attack

Armoured Sentinel
Plasma Cannon

What do you think?

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Tau are pointless and add nothing to the 40k universe.

I can't wait for them to become the next squats.

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So, I'm planning on making an Imperial Guard Army. I want to focus on Armor and Artillery. Do you have any advice?
Imperial Guard General I guess.

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/tg/ I'm rather new to the 40k universe, just a quick question.

Why do tech marines all have red helmets is it because it symbolizes the Adeptus Mechanicus?

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hey /tg/ i was wondering if you could take a look at my 2000 pt ig list

[ ] = blob / squadron

CCS, vox, carapace armor, power fist, flamer x2- 100

Vets, demolitions, melta x2, chimera- 175
Vets, demolitions, melta x2, chimera- 175
Vets, demolitions, melta x2, chimera- 175

PCS, vox, bolt pistol- 37
[squad, gl, vox- 60
Squad, gl- 55]
[squad, flamer, vox- 60
Squad, flamer- 55]
Hw squad, autocannon- 65
Hw squad, mortar- 60
Total- 392

PCS, vox, bolt pistol- 37
[squad, gl, vox- 60
Squad, gl- 55]
[squad, flamer, vox- 60
Squad, flamer- 55]
Hw squad, autocannon- 65
Hw squad, mortar- 60
Total- 392

Total- 1309
Fast Attack
[scout sentinel- 35
Scout sentinel- 35]
[armoured sentinel, lascannon- 70
Armoured sentinel, lascannon- 70]
Total- 210
Heavy Support
Leman russ, bolter sponsons, lascannon- 185
Demolisher, flamer sponsons, heavy flamer- 185

Total- 370

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Any more Cheesecake Propaganda?

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Yeah. I think it was the Boer War or something like that.

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