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Either I'm hot shit in the 41st millenium or that is some serious overkill.

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The Hell! The Crons are getting their own giant robots? As if Spyders and oversize centipedes weren't enough...although the thing is sweet.

Plus anyone sees that after the6th edition hit the shelves, slowly every faction is getting their own giant robots?

Tau got the Riptide (that may be a Gundam), Eldar got the Wraith Knight (which is a Wraithlord on steroids), Grey Knights got their Dreadknight (which is irredeemably retarded). Not to mention Chaos' Lord of Skulls (which is a robo Berserker on tracks and with guns).

40K is becoming more /m/, though I don't think it's a bad thing. Awkward, but not bad.

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To be fair, the Eldar have their Triple-Wraithknight

Also for the Tau it's triple Riptide, not double

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