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No problem in that, Bro!

I ALWAYS judge people by their reactions. If they ask questions instead of throwing "faggots" all around - they are reasonable enough to treat them more seriously.

It's 4chan after all.

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Figures he would ignore me for someone calling him out for being as desperate as he is wrong..

You list three traits a Synthesist can take too, and a magic item that anyone can wear?

Then a spell the synthesist can cast on himself, but wouldn't even need too that gives the normal summoner a 50% chance to not die.

Then you put a build with only 7 strength so he can become a nice Shadow spawn for the party.

Not only that, but only 11 Wisdom when the 20 point buy synthesist is rocking 16 wis minimum for a +3 on top of everything the normal gets, more when he dips monk which wouldn't even be worth it for the 11 wisdom score..

I'd feel kind of bad for you if you weren't just being intentionally stupid when you hoped no one would see.

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if its all you could get your hands on, then do what you can with it. keep things simple and straight forward for a few sessions. if everyone is mostly enjoying themselves, see about possibly getting either additional stuff for 2ed, or move on to either 3.5 (if you want more customizable and much more open system, but also somewhat broken elements to it) or go to 4ed which has a VERY streamlined system, but also more limited scope and much less options when it comes to more intricate roleplaying elements. think of 3.5ed like Diablo 2, while 4ed is more like World of Warcraft.

both editions were heavily supported, and you could easily torrent the stuff for it or buy used versions of the books. and before this start up an edition war, both systems have their own strengths and weakness, and we dont need to beat the dead horse's grave about it, its been done for years, so leave it be.

but again, before you go on trying to jump 4 steps ahead, just see how the first few sessions go.

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Personally, I'm really susceptible to anything horror.
My imagination sucks, but I hope so strongly for the supernatural that I always have this hidden idea that something supernatural might be a viable thing to encounter.
My insanity score is so high that it multiplies any effect that creepypasta has on me.

However, stuff like the lolita slave toy doesn't phase me.

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You're easy to impress then.

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Shifting goal-posts? I just came started posting, it took a long time and a lot of laughter to read all the posts..

Are you saying that because those arguments can be made, that it's okay for people to attribute it to other anon's and attack them saying all their points are wrong?

What is this, highschool debate club?

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It took an hour or two to skim the rules, this is a rules heavy narrative game.

I will definitely say it's not for me but keep it as a recommendation to give to others.

I'm not even sure if there's anything to steal out of it to use for other systems.


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Ok then, She's an Imperial Saint, particularly revered by the Adeptus mechanicus.

"Mighy Bjorn, you have been smiting the soldiers of a noble family who would disown a girl for simply wanting to live her own life."
>dialog accompanied by groans of pain from the smashed remains of the Kurmoromine team. surprisingly, there were no serious injuries.
this is Traditional Games, behold our logic!

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Welcome to /tg/.

Welcome to opinions.

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You haven't been here long.

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I remember the golden days of quest threads, when /tg/ flourished because it drew in a healthy population that participated in threads and in between updates participated in other things.

Now you're lucky if a thread gets beyond 100 posts.

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Player E sounds like the one to make party leader.

Good DMship, and it goes like this:
>E Guys, we gotta suck up to this dude. D, go to 6th and wipe out everyone in the building with blue doors. C, we're gonna need some good shit. Go check on your suppliers (of course, C and D end up going to the same place without knowing it because you've shared different info with them in private and C's suppliers are the villainous cartel). A, come with me. We're going to "interrogate" some associates in disguise. B, you're our bodyguard. Handle anything until we can get out of the disguises so we can go back later.

Pic related. Happens in both places basically. That's the way to run those games. Like a Marvel comic.
Exposition with E, split the party into different groups with a shared goal and meet back with info leading to a cackling antag.

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man, so many bitter fucks. There is always a risk with kickstarters, but fucking hell, its not like everyone is the same. Look at lets say. Wasteland 2 vs some small project you never heard of. I will never preorder another fucking EA game ever. That game? Shut up and take my money. Oh but what a dumb fuck I am, buyign into it, and you dont like it. I cant hear you over how fucking good it will be. I actually think, instead of being blindly angry all the time, look into shit. Give something a fucking chance. fuck. I don't care what you have to say against my argument any more then you care what I say for it, I figure this is just a bit of cosmic balance.

all fights are necessary.

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So, like everyone else on /tg.

Aside: I just felt like quashing somthing, and there's no kill like overkill

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>Implying that a debate is getting out of hand.
>Implying that this isn't exactly how every discussion on /tg/ turns out
>Implying pic related isn't related at all.
>Implying implications.

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child our power only grows, they sleep so they can rise up back from the void and after looking deep into the darkness they bring back things you could not even fathom...

... And on that fateful day all of the butthurt will fall upon the doubters and you will perish from the sheer kawaii

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Happy new year, faggots.

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What caps?
Less retards, more actual discussion. Of course it was deleted.

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This is how I practical solution.

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