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Counterspells only work on bad players that ignore open islands, but can only be used by good players that understand another person's deck. Every CS heavy deck I've fought gets wrecked outside of silly 1v1s.

CSs in general are bad in EDH, the more players, draw and recur the worse they get. Stax cards and MLD cards are much better at preventing combos from ever occurring, rather than just sending it to the graveyard, and are very good at holding a board-state.

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Can one of you please explain the lore to me?

I have no idea what's going on.

Thank you.

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I couldn't even take half an episode of this fucking show. Brother should throw her ass out of his apartment.

>tfw when you used to be a weeb but are slowly starting to hate anime

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>there will never be a 40k DOOM set on a space hulk

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