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Pretty sure that fact that it required a shred of effort and goodwill in your system was implied, because if you don't then you probably shouldn't be playing role playing games in the first place.

Ever read that story about a lich stuck in a treasure room for centuries that went insane from boredom and made up characters in its head that went on adventures of their own?

Character creation is a bit like that.
You don't have to write a long and intriguing backstory. Your character doesn't have to be special or powerful or courageous or even have anything under his belt at all. He just needs to have a personality of his own with likes, dislikes, fears and goals. The premise isn't to make a character that's already "interesting" rather than making a character that will eventually be interesting.
Usually the things people will remember the most about you isn't the actions you took rather than how you took them and how you reacted to it.

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If you're a guy though, pretend you're a girl as much as possible.

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ERP threads are now directly warhammer related.

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