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>Measuring and charge rules paired with retarded terrain rules make movement a bad joke, measuring and incoherent and illogical rules make shooting stupid, magic is far too important and powerful, melee rules are just plain retarded and serve one purpose and one purpose only: sell more models.

With a simple fix, that describes all Warhammer Fantasy editions after 3rd.

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Makes sense for VCs, they're aristocrats and god knows the lowcut top wasn't invented in the 1900's or worn exclusively by strumpets.

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Read the end of the timeline for the current High Elf book.

Know that little plot hook at the end of the VC book where Mannfred sent Kemmler and a bunch of Orcs to blitz the Dwarf/Elf meeting and steal Aliathra the princess of the High Elves?

Mannfred took her like a Frank Frezetta piece, Finubar went to make friends with the Dwarfs since HE and Dwarfs were blaming each other for the loss of the battle. Tyrion went to WAAAGH his way into Sylvania, cut down HUGE amounts of Vampire Counts to get to Aliathra who's unconscious (not a vampire, since he was sent because the Everqueen sense Aliathra was still alive and vamps detect as dead with magic) and Tyrion is riding out against an EFUCKINGNORMOUS force of undead while she's slumped in the saddle.

He was preparing to sacrifice her to resurrect either Nagash or Vlad/Isabella depending on his loyalties.

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Check out some of the Mordheim models from GW's specialist games range.

This lovely lady would need barely any conversion at all to look the part of a Slaaneshi noblewoman.

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