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Lads, question just before I buy models. What do I do the 'scales' on the LRL if I'm doing Blood Elf meme scheme? I can't think of what colour to do. I'm doing Pikemen.

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This is the best art I can get of it. Well, not art... Thanks for help.

Thanks. I also assume some sort of green for the gems? Abaddon Black for the black bits?

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Yeah I knew it was that paint (I didn't know it's name, so said glitter kek). I've always been a fan of white, gold and black - though red capes and stuff add to it too. If I got LRL I'd probably do them like that other anon as Blood Elves. Always loved their designs.

I've always also loved Tier 2 Paladin armour. Only way I can come close to that is taking some GK shoulders.

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