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I have to admit, I'm impressed a group of rag-tag adventures made it this far. It matters not, this ends... now!

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Ain't nobody got swag like the Catholic church.

Unless you're Eastern Orthodox

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[Latin chanting intensifies]

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The Vatican turns....Interesting.

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You now realize there are hundreds of thousands people with vows of celibacy living today and they get no magical powers.

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ITT: good places for the final battle, IRL edition

Exhibit A: Fucking Vatican.

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The holy farther has foreseen this

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>What other tabletop settings are based on modern real-world political hierarchy?

by Real-World your talking crazy-pants world were the jews secretly rule everything instead of the Vatican right?

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BBEG, right here.

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If you ever need a BBEG, here you go.

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Perhaps the last of the eits are truly dead. Or are they sleeping? Or are they awake?

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I dunno. He's gonna have to work hard to make those glasses look badass enough to hope to equal Benedict.

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Yo, anyone here read Fraser's "Golden Bough"? Explains things so beautifully without the crassness of Dawkins.

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I cold see Benedict XVI as an end boss.
He was the Prefect (director) of The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (current name of the papal Inquisition).


He was director from 1981 to 2005

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Never mind me, I was just having a snack at the sun before I came back to chill with my bro, Pope Benedict.

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The C'tan also control the Catholic Church big whoop wanna fight about it?

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Foolish humans though your Emperor has guided you since your early days of civilized gathering the C'tan have guided you since before you stood on two legs.

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preparation and organization are the backbone of a well run starship, so as the skipper of a light patrol corvette, i begin to convert my officers to the cult of the void-reactor before we even pass the oort cloud. i want us all to be ready to serve the darkness from the moment we arrive .

if the event horizon is the flagship of the fleet of the damned, we shall be her vanguard. i paint unholy symbols on all of our torpedo warheads and begin re-writing security protocols in case some of the enlisted men try to mutiny against my officer-priests.

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Foolish humans the C'tan shards are imbedded far to deep into your flesh to ever be removed.

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