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>Make post based on the current trajectory of model piracy
>Come back to find half the thread is complaining about energy companies and international banking
What the fuck

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Also the worst thing is that he said "oh ive asked other dms and they said theres a difference and its technically cheating"

Like bitch, me rolling a 7 on a d10 and times' it by 10 is the exact same as rolling a 70 on a dpercentile, which is a fucking d10!

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>Thread right now

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>Distinct faction
No. They follow Mawtribes camps as weirdos and that's it.

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Fuck the OW shitposters are in full force... Time to leave until next week.

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That's the thing, I am an autist. I've got a note from a shrink and everything, this is just...it's too autistic for an actual autist. Anyway, see you guys around. I think I should sleep.


Free Magic in the setting is the one that can't be studied and that's mostly because...what is there to study? Using free magic is simple but also incredibly dangerous because it's just 'Apply willpower to make a thing happen, hope like fuck you don't lose your train of thought or get distracted'. It can't be studied not because it doesn't have rules, it can't be studied to improve it because there isn't any complexity to it despite it's power.

It's also utter shit for making anything lasting as it's all about constantly applying your willpower and making the universe agree. The moment you stop putting in that work, things fall apart and fade.

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>being this ass-ravaged

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to be left-handed. The difference is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the specialized tools will go over a typical rightie’s head...

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Stop reposing this shit every thread

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And no proofs were shown yet again

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It's his real head

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>he's so wrapped up in his fetish he's completely oblivious to normal human nature
I never thought I'd see the day. You should've let the GM know way before hand that you're into femdom if you're in that sorta game anyways.You need to clearly broadcast what you like and what you don't to get maximum enjoyment.

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Hey /swg/, I've just started running an EotE game, but I've noticed that a lot of the vehicle profiles are... weird. Stuff like the Speeder Bike and the Snow Speeder both being Silhouette 2 when I feel like they really should be 1 and 3 respectively (there are plenty of other ships with bizarre stats), and then there's certain ships whose price seems entirely out of line, capital ships that cost less than expensive starfighters, etc.

Has anyone actually bothered to go through and errata all the ships in the books or present them in some easily searchable document?

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Get a load of this faggot

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>The earth is just a big solid rock, damage rules should still work on it!
1. The earth is not really a solid, so it doesn't make sense to "deal damage to it" in the normal way you deal damage to say... a rock. The earth is a shell of solid rock rolling around on a ball of molten minerals (mostly iron). It's like trying to calculate how much "damage" you would need to deal to "wound" a lake that's covered in ice. The mere proposition doesn't make any sense.
2. You can't shatter a planet by cracking its crust. Again, it's not a big rock. It's held together by gravity, not a crystalline atomic structure. You can't just break it in half. If magically divided in two it would simply reform back together because it is primarily a liquid as described above.
3. "8 DR per inch = 5 million DR!" That's not how solid objects absorb force. Any sort of shock even orders of magnitude lower than that is going to create earthquakes strong and reflect material into the atmosphere strong enough to create extinction events. The energy needed to actually crack the crust would probably ignite the entire atmosphere of the planet (if any), turn the surface to molten slag, and end all life.

See, this is the problem with GURPS. GURPS does indeed have rules for everything, but that's NOT to its credit, because most of its rules are absurd extrapolations that miss big important parts of things they are trying to model because they get hung up on minutiae and trying to force the system to work for things it was never originally designed to handle. Second, because it does shit like that it can't work properly when the theme of the game doesn't require bad autismo-science powered fun ("but muh cinematic rules!" I can hear then crying).

If you want to have your game where people are going to destroy planets you need to figure out what destroying planets is like in your setting. Is it hard science realistic? Is it DBZ? Then you need to find simple rules that reflect that and only that.

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Fuck off furfag

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This is fucking great. Get rekt traitor scum

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Honestly anon, I'm impressed. This is advanced autism

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He is the true grognard

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You sound fun to game with

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>i'm pretty sure there's something wrong with that last anon's reasoning, but i can't see it atm
Go on...

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