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In all honesty I haven't posted on /tg/ before, so I don't know if you guys do "_______ general" threads, but here's my story to start the thread off:

Got into Warhammer 40k back in high school (9 years ago), went Tyranids 1st, sucked at the game so constantly got slaughtered at range by space marines. Next I did Tau, still sucked so had 3 good turns then got curbstomped in melee by space marines. 3rd went Chaos (guess I learned my lesson lol), had a lot of fun with them, loved their bike squads.

Now, I never had more than 3 people to play with, the closest hobby shop/GWS is about an hour drive from me, and I'm picking up the Imperial Guard army I started before I quit. I went with IG because I honestly love painting at least as much as playing the game, and there is no shortage of painting with IG. Might post some pictures of my in progress army if this thread goes anywhere, but so far its just a squad and a half of infantry. Also I'm pissed that I will have to buy yet another Codex. But on the plus side only 4 of my paints dried out over the last 3 inactive years.

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rolled 5, 6, 10, 7, 1, 4, 3, 9, 8, 5, 4, 9 = 71

Standard issue, Godwyn Pattern, can of kick-ass.
>Unlimited ammunition
>Plasma Pistol
Let's just hope it doesn't blow up on me.
Silenced Plasma? Whatever you say...
Killing like the Freeman.
>Jack Shit
I'll live off the land? Or something...
>Guard Flak Armor
Welp...I'll just have to use plenty of cover.
The Tau don't mess with me, I won't mess with them.
>Ursarkar Fuckin' Creed
Got a tactical genius at my side. Cool.
>You never return home.
Well, Earth is kind of a shit heap anyways. I'll be sure to keep in touch with my folks.
>Your sidekick.
I'll convince the Tau to work with me to take out this so-called tactical genius. And I have a bolter with unlimited ammo. I'll just shoot in his direction until I finally hit him.

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He gave me a laser gun.

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An Imperial Guard game. We'll call it "Call of the Empire." It'll be like Call of Duty before it became played out like a neighborhood whore.

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