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ten, i think. youre not missing out on anything special after 9 anyway

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How does a GM deal with a Chaotic Evil party member in a group full of mostly Good aligned folks?

I've never dealt with this before.

And I'm worried the campaign is going to go tit's up when CE guy starts murdering people in the streets

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It's not automatically creepy if a male player has a female PC, but... what if that male player has as his PC a female orc who worships Rovagug, The Rough Beast, and aspires to personally free him from his interdimensional prison and become his bride?

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Pff. That the world wishes to extinguish it is a reason enough for me. I demand the last spot on the waiting list!

I live for anguish! For violence! For the knowledge that all of this is how it was meant to be!

I live because the universe wants to kill me, and I need to be alive to see it try with an undivided attention. I live because Rovagug, our sacred master, built this universe of torments as a favor to us, and to die this soon into it-well, that'd be a disgrace, a failure so long as we go down before every other scream is sounded, and every other flame burns out.

I'm the best motherfucking human who has ever lived, and that's sayin' something, because the Rough Beast built us custom to stomp the shit out of everything else.

So when you hear those faggots whispering about the end of the world? Here's something to remember: They ain't talking about the Terrasque or the Gugs, they're talking about ME. They're talking about YOU.

Get an ink maw and a few scars, sign away your house and say g'bye to your pets, 'cause you and me baby? We're going to pull some faces off and shit down some serious necks, and there ain't nobody who can stop us!

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Uh... No. I won't push the button, because Old Testament God can turn people into pillars of salt at will. This is like asking if I'd charge Rovagug with a whiffle bat if he was destroying my town. No, I wouldn't, because it's fucking Rovagug. Zero chance of success, 100% chance of death. I'm more willing to bank on him showing pity on me after 10,000 years in hell than I am on me successfully killing him.

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I'm pretty goddamn fond of Jehovah. It's like I'm worshipping Rovagug with more fucking rage and trolling.

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Gruumsh is a punk. Jehovah is like motherfucking Rovagug with the Dire template and a weirder name.

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