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Most sensible people do anon.

Oddly enough I was just about to post this pic

Thing is big warehouses have lots and lots of stuff in them. The nearest and most interesting looking crates seem to most have spoons in them which is less exciting.

We are struck by the idea that if whatever we are looking for is in here, it's going to take quite a while to find...

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"I think the former would be the quickest." You say. Ashwood nods. "Ah, then we agree." He pulls out his tablet PC and skims the list. "Right then, I'll take the Block Stone Box, the anachrotech, the Dragon 'grave maker' and the Norse objects. You can handle the Minoan objects, the books, and the Jade spell tablets." You nod.

Ashwood reaches into a side-pocket of his attache. "Almost forgot. Here," He hands you a small ear-bud, which looks a bit like a bluetooth, only smaller. "One of the many benefits to working as a research assistant. Short-wave radio link. Normally use them when conducting experiments around campus, but good enough for here." He sticks his in his ear. "Just push," he demonstrates "And talk." You hear him both as he is in front of you, and over the earpiece. "Simple."

>Which objects are you interested in first?

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