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Reposting from the old thread.

>Player or GM

Player. Escaping my forever GM status, yadda yadda.

>System(s) of choice


>Method of playing (Skype, Roll20, Maptools, ect)

Any works. No real preference.

>Timezone and availability

-5 GMT, available any day that isn't Tuesday.

>Text or Speech style game

Text only.

>Requests (How soon you'd like to start, houserules, ect)

Sooner the better, though would prefer a day or two for character building if possible, but I could start instantaneously.

>Contact info

Email is in the field, Skype is Proton805


I like roleplaying, not rollplaying. kthx

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Welp, I know what my next character's gonna be.
Harpy Courier.

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"Really now? Then I must thank you appropriately for such an exotic experience, shouldn't I."

You put your arm around the small mantis shoulders and squeeze her on your chest, earning a small grunt of protest from her as she mumble about ‘’loosing footing’’ but certainly isn’t making an effort to move out of the way, although the embarrassment quickly melt away as she regain mastery over her emotions, all the while Athena and Emeth are observing you in silence, until your perk up again.

"How should I reward my knight for such a gift?"

Athena frown at your words before breaking into a fiendish smile, supporting her chin with her human hand and you have to retain the urge of gulping at the strangely seductive expression on her face despite the almost overwhelming blush that spread on her cheek.

She’d have a much better image if her long, bandage wrapped appendage wasn’t lamely hanging on her knees.

‘’I am no longer a knight, Siegfried and thus, I cannot be yours for I am my own person’’

That’s… certainly different, someone with such a strong sense of duty saying something likes that… You can’t be sure if she’s putting on a front because the link tells you of a strong resolution

‘’And a gift need no reward, the simple fact it was appreciated is more than enough, as far as I’m standing anyway’’

There’s another ruffle as her tails move awkwardly in the flowers trying to tighten into a circle to grasp – and failing – some vegetation.

‘’We knew those two girls were pretty enamored with you, Siegfried’’

Sylphis suddenly says, still stuck in your one arm embrace.

‘’We just thought you needed a little push, y’know? With the war on our doorstep having needless drama can be fatal, so hey feelings have to be cleared and laid bare!’’
Such honesty… sting, a nasty trickle of guilt escape your heart and the girls ignore it.
Those two helped you in their own way, despite the distance forced by duty.

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I'd skull fuck that?!

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My group KINDA did this once?
Well no, we just stopped a fight by pointing out that we all worked for the same god, and had a religious artifact to prove it.

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>Play a chaotic good devil
>DM demands I give him one good reason why pure evil would become good
>Give a backstory where her selfishness was so great that it literally caused an alignment changing curse to befall her, literally rewriting her personal nature and turning her into an abomination among devils
>DM says fuck it, but takes every chance to have devils and demons alike to try and rip her throat out and torture her endlessly

It was totally worth it.

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Who is down for monstrous shenanigans in the wasted future of Earth? I want to run this so bad.

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You're welcome.

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Simple and tasteful.

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To get back to the QUESTION AT HAND

I see no problems here for any lawful, or any good alignments, especially if you get her to sign off on the idea. She causes problems for the party and everyone around her because of her tendency towards sexual molestation, which in itself can cause some serious harm. The only problem would be from chaotic players who view chaos as an ideal along the lines of an anarchic state.

However, these players are silly, because in my experience most of them will still kill monsters that get in their way. True anarchists consider the use of violence to be one more means by which unfair control may be exerted over an individual. The line between killing an orc and using a spell to get a cambion's demon side to stop raping people is an artificial one, as they both involve the imposition of compliance measures. But in the case of the cambion, OP's party seems to be going out of their way to make the method of control they use to solve their issues with the cambion as gentle and subtle as they can. Which is a good thing.

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Well OP, I've only played a "sexy" PC so far, but I didn't made her overly sexual. I guess the key is to know when and how to add a little spice.

Like instead of saying "I walk to the inn counter" say "I head to the inn counter, swaying my hips with each step".

Or instead of saying "I wait the gate to be opened" say "I wait for the gate to open, while idly checking my painted nails"

That way you don't go into full ERP mode and still make a point about your PC being seductive all over.

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