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Who would win in a fight?
>bear with a spear
>elephant with a bō
>chimpanzee with a sword 'n' board

Note: all combatants are average adult males of their species, are unarmored and their weapons are scaled to their body size.

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2deep4you. No wonder you worship Khorne.

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Indeed I am uncreative. Yes that must be SO true because I you know, refer to guidelines for help oh yes. Never mind my settings being massive and expansive, never mind that I've redefined the games fluff so many times I've lost count, oh yeah never mind that I've enraptured players who've been at this since I was a wee babe with my characters back stories, campaign story lines and more oh yes.

>follows rules? uncreative
>claims that creativity is defined by rules rather than fluff
Honestly I don't believe a word you say when the DM's who taught me had been playing 20 years and still referred to the DMG to help them on occasion. You sir, are full of shit.

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What the fuck am I looking at.

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>Got to go first with Tau against DE player
>Firewarrior sneezes at Dark Eldar transport, makes the flying cardboard box fall apart on turn 1
>5+s everywhere, only one or two pain tokens
>mfw just as planned

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>sage doesn't do anything
>explains how sage does something

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>> target becomes an artifact in addition to its other types
>>Its other types
>>Each noncreature, non-equipment artifact

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You know the sad thing about this? You're actually getting responses that aren't saged.

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Those clones relied on complete and utter surprise with some help from a Sith Master...just saying.


Are you a fucking ass? when the hell has a blaster ever penetrated...well...ANYTHING?

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