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I don't normally like to talk about streamed games due to the massive stigma here on /tg/ about them. But something Arcadum just said really didn't sit right with me and I wanted to make sure I wasn't taking crazy pills.

TLDR: Arcadum comes on stream to address "concerns." He starts raging that "5 dollars (a sub) isn't enough for the 'quality of content' that he provides, that every stream is a 'gift', and if people do think 5 dollars is enough, they should fuck off."

In the grand scheme of things I know he's just some faggot who got lucky and now has a (somewhat) large viewerbase. But at the same time, it really reinforces /tg/'s mindset that "professional GMs" are naturally shit and wanna-be e-celebs. I'd honestly go so far to say that a faggot like Arcadum saying such shit actively makes ever other GM look worse. That "being professional" means abandoning the integrity of your game in favor of the money.

I'm rambling so I'll stop. But man, I'm starting to better understand /tg/'s hate.

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>Why do people try to fight Giants in Melee?
Pressure Points you fucking moron.

Imagine how piss easy they are to deal with those glaring errors in biology.

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It doesn't matter.

He's already dead.

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What you want to do is channel your fighting spirit and punch the wizard's soul until he explodes. If the system doesn't let you do that then frankly you're playing the wrong system.

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>Barnt Riculation + Bradium Kinismus
You know what to do.

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He has already failed them.

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>Monks not belonging in Grimdark Post-Apoc Desert

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I went off with my UR storm deck last turn.
You are already dead.

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>A lone hero killing a 600 foot tall monster on his own? No fucking way. No fucking way.

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Rolled 5

I roll to German suplex the car

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>Extra Limbs x4 (20)
>Sexy Drider (40)
>Soldier (50)
>Nerve Suit (55)
>Hawkeye (60)
>Radio Transmitter (60)
>Power Fist x6 (150)
>Heavy Shield x2 (170)
>Maneuvering Rockets (180)
>Berserker (190)
>Skates (200)

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The Viper should be the victor, because by the time the Mountain had killed him, he was already dead.

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>Forget that, how hurt is Claire?
>Only Chief and or Rin/Fallen Angel left to defend us
We are already dead.

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>Going full Ship of Theseus is the same as dying
Understand then, that literally every cell in your body - every molecule, in fact - at this very moment in time, is not the same as the cells - molecules - that were in your body at birth, that were in your body five, ten, however many years ago.

In other words,
>pic related

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Look m8, I'm not going to dictate what other people should believe or not. WOuld be a boring ass stagnated world if I did. If people aren't 100% goody good, that's fine, I'm not either. We'll only keep an eye out for those that actively want to make things a shittier place.

And you're on top of the list, Beelzie. I just have to find the right book, and then you can kiss Morningstar's ass goodbye, 'cuz we're coming for you.

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monks are goodish, but need to be better,
>1d10 HD
>pick 2 skills not 1
>use either con or wis for where it says wis because MONKS ARE TOUGH HUUUAAAAAAA
>every 5 levels add another type to your type of attacks i.e bludgeoning, slashing , and piercing (karate chops, two finder jabs, elbows or some shit) ATATATATATATATATATATTA HEEEEEYA!
>10th level add either wis or con to saving throws with proficiency because MOOONNKKKS ARE TOUUUGGGGGHHH HEEYAAAAAAA!
how to make all this balanced at level 1? to make up for this? 1D5 unarmed damage at level 1 (roll d10; 1-2 =1 3-4 =2 5-6= 3 7-8 = 4 9-0 = 5

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Are you retarded? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fist_of_the_north_star

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Ah well then you're simply a shitty DM who has no concept of tropes or faith in your characters roleplaying abilities.

Not only that but the stick up your ass, associating all of your players actions with fetishes even further proves that you have no trust or faith in your players.

Simply put, you are even more of a nofun DM then even the most livid Tomb-of-Horrors-wielding ADnD Husks.
Purely because you are actively limiting their creativity in a method that does nothing to stop your claimed goal of removing fetishization.

So you're either a horrible person, or just stupid.
I'm calling you out. Which is it?

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Not really, I'm usually unrealistically strict as a DM trying to avoid people from pulling Weeaboo bullshit.
>No Katanas
>No White Hair
>No Heterochromia
>Require a No-Less-than-500-word dicertation on the Chaotic Neutral Morality
>Monks must make no references to Asian Martial Arts and/or Bruce Lee.

Which is exactly why I figuratively shit myself when my players decided to prank me.

It was just your standard Manly Western Combat, the fighter was sitting there beating Orcs away from the Sorceress, the Dwarven "StoneFist" Monk had one pinned up against a tree, and it was the Paladin's turn and he was getting ready to give his usual proclamation when he smites shit.

>Pala: Alright so I'm going to stare the fucker right here in the eyes, smite his ass and proclaim with a booming voice.
>He then stares at ME, directly in the eyes, shit eating grin on his face, and says without any of his words matching up with his lips:
>Pala: "By my Hory Half-Demon/Anjerr brudd, I sharr banish you fowerr Oni!"
>The other people in the party suddenly perk up as the fighter spits out:
>Fight: I swear upon my family's sacred blade, Elvira-chan, I will defend you from these villains.
>Sorc: Uguu~ Protect me Oni-san!
>Fight: Fucking Hell, don't be so Tsundere!
>The monk suddenly stands up knowing it's his turn, strikes a pose as he screams at the top of his fucking lungs.
>Monk: Flurry of Blows... You're already dead.
>Starts chunking dice across the table for each one of his seven attacks screaming the entire time

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Is there in any way a possibility of manipulating human bodies to the point that through touching certain parts, you could cause, say, a violent eruption of wherever you touched?

Pic unrelated. Totally.

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