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>accidentally made
How do you accidentally make something? If something like pic related can be used as an ERP character portrait, then any picture of a person can be used as an ERP portrait. What is the artist going to do, stop drawing people for fear someone finds his art sexually stimulating?

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ERP Anybody?

I've just finished a campaign with a player and looking for a new one.

DMing, preference for Pathfinder these days, for those interested.

Otherwise, just discussion on experiences had with it. I personally find it nearly impossible with a group -- it almost *has* to be a solo game or else it's just too damn slow.

Any other thoughts?

Pic is related. PC I just got done DMing for.

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yeah, that was a strange turn of events.

That being said, I've only had one person so far actually send me a character concept.

Still waiting on at least two more.

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Idrri Punizlan

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I'm not Green Marine. But I'm on this one.

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