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> they actually have to fight alongside the men and they are weaker than men.
Provided we're still talking about Space Marines, not necessarily.

>No, evolution doesn't work like that, it takes more than 30 000 years for such a big transformation, specially across multiple worlds.

So, ogryns, ratlings, beastmen, felinids, neandors, troths, pelagers, longshanks, squats, nightsiders, scalies and psykers (and the eventual evolution of humanity into a race of psykers, an adaptation that greatly increases your chance of killing yourself and everyone around you and being about as evolutionarily viable as a heart that explodes the year before the onset of puberty) are all entirely sensible and scientifically sound evolutions for humanity, but women doubling their average upper body strength, increasing lower body strength, bone density and lung capacity is utterly fantastical.

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>Space Furries.

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Verloren, a world populated by goat-faced beastmen. Mostly ignored by the Imperium due to the tainted nature of its inhabitants, the Verloreni nevertheless took to the Imperial Creed with nigh-unmatched fervour. When the Night of a Thousand Rebellions came, the desperate loyalists gathered billions of the fanatical beastmen and unleashed them against the rebels. For its role in suppressing the revolts, Verloren and its people have earned a tiny modicum of grudging respect from the Ecclesiarchy.

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Wot do you know of bein' an abhuman, ya stupid moggy? Step off, or I'll introduce me hoof to yer face.

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here you go... Renegade Codex

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We go where we is told ta go, suh!


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I'm just holding out hope Abhumans make a comeback. They add flavor to a Imperial Guardsman Regiment to me.

I'm still hunting for a Krieger Ogryn. Just to see that massive Gasmask.

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