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>not posting the real Deathwing trailer


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People like to have fun.

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Nice idea, I'll give it a try:
>what decks of yours does your playgroup like and hate the most?
Like: Dunno. Maybe my budget MBC bc it's not very OP? or that wacky Izzetdeck which let's everybody draw cards, until sometimes I suddenly "combo" with copied Molten Psyche atl for 7^4 damage.
Hate: Bant Goodstuff with Project X or UW Control
>What decks in your playgroup do you like and hate the most?
Hate: MonoUwizards. He can't be allowed to set up. Also GB Anti-creatures, which let's all players sac. their creatures all the time and stalls the board until it's completly disrupted.
Like: BUG Reanimator. America Blink. (Sadly, the dude sucks at the game and is not good enough piloting it)
>what cards do you get excited for when other people play them?
Rhystic Study. It took over a year for my group to learn how to play with and and against it.
>how do you or your group handle decks or players that pack your shit in consistantly?
If I get the question right: Power Level too high? Player adjusts his deck until next time or plays it less. We never talked about it but all do it like this.
>favorite commander that you will never build but you like playing against?
Joke is on you, we play superior and much less broken Highlander.
>Do you deckswap for a game with your group to spice things up?

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