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>There are people who still don't get what the fucking point of Malal was
>There are people who STILL HAVEN'T NOTICED the entire Horus Heresy was set into motion by Tzeentchian Machinations- Magnus, The fucking Daemon who showed the 'Primoridal truth'
>There are people who still have not asked the question- "Why would a chaos god of change remain a -Chaos- God of Change at all?" linking this back to the above
>People still not getting that All of Chaos Undivided was founded on Tzeentch's behest- and it's entire purpose was to overshadow Malal- which is why dear Lorgar is under convenient House arrest trying to "Contemplate the true nature of the Chaos Gods" in meditation"
>People still not getting why Chaos has literal Faith/worship grinding camps in their domains of people just praising 24/7 to the crack of the whip
>People still don't understand why Chaos want's to merge with the materium through it's proxies/daemons or why the Tyranids are here at all
>People still don't get why Malal was so fucking important
Chaos is doomed to Self-destruction- Tzeentch is living on borrowed time and invented Undivided to prolong it's existence so Malal and it's offspring literally can't push the reset button and return the place to the realm of souls, something it was capable of due to being the only Chaos god CAPABLE OF LEAVING THE WARP VIA MINOR RITUAL, and Tzeentch, via it's data-mining ability learned of this- as a God of change, it cannot remain static- thus stagnant, and must eventually cease to exist in it's current state, this- being the means to change- which is either merging the warp with reality, or FUCKING MERGING WITH THE NID HIVEMIND ATTRACTED BY THE SHEER AMMOUNT OF LIFEFORCE THE EMPEROR IS GIVING OFF Chaos as a whole is supported by mass worship, and belief, as being constructs of aspects of life is not enough to keep them collective, hence Undivided, which Imperial Truth'd the fuck out of Malal which prevents it doing it's job.

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In effect, Tzeentch is the drive of the actions of the four, and has every intention of betraying them to possibly leave the immaterium in a state that compliments what it is, which is pretty much a Great Old one. I should also note that the betrayal of the Iron-men is most likely the resut of Tzeentch easiyl corrupting them, for whilst they were sentient, they had no souls, and were as easy to mould as clay for it's efforts, yet Tzeentch has a dedicated once-human Greater Daemon for the purpose of corrupting machines alone. It's probable that Tzeentch wanted the constructs for it's own use, AKA the possible construction of a vessel to possess. Slaanesh for example, has a purposed vessel to ride about in to fuck Fulgrim, Tzeentch literally is on a time limit before Nurgle wins it out.

In fact, Tzeentch's individuality is also shown with it's actions when it broke it's staff, and when it threw it's Lorfs of change into that one well because it was UNWILLING to sacrifice itself for the power that Kairos later received through going through it, Tzeentch literally has shown it's own self-serfving nature.

Oh and lastly, why do you think Lorgar is all kept pent up in a palace, 'Meditating on the true nature of Chaos' An impossible feat essentially after the Horus Heresy ended? Because Lorgar is the key to Tzeentch's master plan being unraveled, Lorgar, gaining any knowledge of the now defunct 5th Chaos god is now secured by the Daemon Primarchs now-blind faith, and is none the wiser, living in effectively, self-imposed house arrest.

Hell, it's also the explanation about why still-living cultists to chaos and those enslaved and force to worship through torture, via mass prayer and whipping are present, there is an ever constant need for the ruinous powers to expand for them to do anything, in order to gain opportunity and actual progress over what Malal would have undone, had the Heresy granted it any sort of spotlight.

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>When dis nigga uses one of Nyralathoteps forms under mass filter opposed to the artist renditions of Tzeentch's older edition forms


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The chaos gods legitimately exist in D&D but the warp hasn't arrived yet, so they're dormant-ish.

But to become a fucking Keeper of secrets:
>Get a nice magical artefact
>Tell no one can have it, hoard this kind of stuff
>When everyone get's pissy about it, break a magical staff
>Mystra get's pissed at you
>Turns you into a nagpa
>Just as fucking planned
>Get your own unique spells, dip into sorceror and wild magic, then finish things off by becoming an outsider somehow
Spellfire is also good because it's THE SAME SHIT AS TZEENTCH flamers.

But to list
>Sorceror/Wild mage/Psion or that metamagic/PrC which merges Psionics and arcan workings (perils of the warp) And aim to become outsider, via ritual, class, or some other means, main aim may involve you becoming a Demon involved with Pazuzu, because no one can touch him and no one attests his realm and he doesn't want to reset the universe so the Old ones can stroll through again
>Abuse Pazuzu summoning and start up his cults
>Aim to cause as much trouble as possible simply by instigating events
>Abuse lore-based loop-holes, like the Scrying cheat
>Get involved with the Rakshasa Raja's which are actually the fucking Chaos gods anyway
>Become a Nagpa, which is literally a Lord of Change, even made by basically symboliccally breaking Tzeentch's staff
>Summon Vrrocks or Air Demons into your service often, and make a Warlock cult/followers when you become an outsider

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A single thread in a tapestry
Through its color brightly shine
Can never see its purpose
In the pattern of the grand design
And the stone that sits on the very top
Of the mountain's mighty face
Does it think it's more important
Than the stones that form the base?

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