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I thought they were hilarious. Loosen up a bit mates.

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>Not wanting to see flying infantry punching flyers to death.

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Chapter Master Temperus Maximus
Master of the Armory Enfurus Ragman
Reclusiarch Mofo
Commissar John Fuklaw (hell yeah)
Chief Mindfucker Moarfistin
Angry Captain Satchel
Angry Captain Fuckew "Nid-Fucker" McHugerage
Dick Haggard

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Alright, so I'm thinking about putting together a 1000 Point Deep Strike army for Space Marines. After going through the codex and getting some tips from others, here's what I have so far:

Librarian (Terminator & Storm Shield) = 100

Ironclad Dreadnaught (assault launcers and 2 missiles) = 165
(2x) Tactical Squad w/ one meltagun = 300
Devastator squad (10) w/ 4 multimeltas = 180
Assault Squad (5) w/ 2 plasma pistols = 115

(4x) Drop Pods = 140

Total Points= 1000

Does this seem pretty solid? I'm going to deep strike the Librarian near or with the Assault Marines, unless I can use him somewhere better.

Chapter is based on Novamarines/Ultramarines tactics.

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Good evening elegen/tg/entlemen.

I posted the question in a thread last night about a starter 1000 point Space Marine army based around drop-podding (or deep-striking). The suggestion given for starting make-up:

2-3 Drop Pods
2 Sets of Tactical Marines
A Librarian HQ

I need more opinions, as I want to make an army based on dropping into the middle of the enemy and SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER-ing them. I'm also curious; do I get more space marines to use WITH the drop pods, or do the 2 sets of tactical marines fill that role?

And how does this stack up in terms of points?

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bumping with a classic

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This is how I Deus Ex Machina.

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I like miniatures, even though I don't play the game itself. I'm hoping to buy some and paint them up, maybe use them for Dark Heresy, (if I can ever find a group IRL to play with) in place of character tokens, because those are lame. There's just something about painting a little statue however you want, it's like playing with Legos, it has a relaxing effect.

I like a lot of the lore, like the stuff about Jaghatai Khan, and a few other primarchs, and I enjoy thinking just how vast the WH40k universe is. I mean, it's literally the fucking universe, and then some, what with the warp. The idea that there's humanity spread out, and some worlds forgot advanced tech, and had to sort or restart from scratch is really interesting, I'm just imagining a bunch of humans with matchlock rifles trying to hold off some of the nastier stuff that flies around in grimdarkland.

Overall, I'm glad I discovered 40k, I may not play any of the various games that have been released for the setting, but the lore is entertaining reading material.

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>>not on fire

How I want one to look

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Rolled 4 + 1


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Can we have an Angry marine thread /tg/?
I always find them funny as hell but i only have one or wo pictures. What's the origin of these marines? who's the artist?
I'l post what Little i have

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I mean I get the joke about the marines being superior but what is the deal with the last panel? Is that tzeentch? and if you have time, can you give a bit of background on tzeentch? I know khorne is anger and blood, slaneesh is pleasure and nurgle is gluttony? Also, can we have a 40k infopics thread?

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