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I wouldn't speak so soon, I accidentally caused the scourge known as Advice Techpriest after all as well as pic related

I wouldn't even bother bringing it up if this wasn't an "old /tg/-40k shit" thread

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Rolled 1, 9, 2, 7, 4, 6 = 29

Heretical armies attacking Shadowrise.

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>Playing Deathwatch
>Last game I played was Space Marine.

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>dornian heresy anything

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>Disliking bad jokes
>Saying they are bad


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>Dem Quads

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How does this work?

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That was much funnier than it deserved to be.

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I'm running a game in less than an hour and I need a module for three level 3 characters. Any suggestions?

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>Bronze age
>Not using small pox 2d6 constitution damage
>I seriously hope you knights don't do this

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>Everyone being a lawful alignment faggot about the bandits
>Not missing the bigger picture that the system is broken, and bandits are a symptom... not the problem
>Should team-up with the bandits because fuck society, anyone who goes to work and continues to perpetuate this abomination of a culture is more evil then they are

Paladin try-hards... do you even chaotic good?

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Parasites are overpowered. I pick humans though. You hellspawns and heretics think your magic faggotry means anything, but you need us for our souls more then we need you.

Aliens and robots can suck my carbon based nuts. Their technology might be superior, but they forget how daaging a simple EMP bomb can bE> (Could shut down an entire fleet of robots) and aliens we will just smoke out with biological weapons.

Plague and Insect will suck for us. But Plague can be dealt with via napalm and vaccines.

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i TOLD you dogg

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They never answer my calls, and anyway they kinda creep me out, frankly. They have like, no individual personalities anymore from all the brainwashing. It's pretty disturbing to talk to one of them.

Also spanking them is both far more difficult and far less rewarding than it is with other servants of the Imperium. Speaking of that, as I'm a I known advocate of spanking as a rite of contrition ...

Sister Ardenta: WE KNOW, YES

... maybe I could arrange for Mistress Dolora to spend some time with you and, kinda, count that as some points against the possibility of burning?

*To scriptorius servo-skull* Note to self: Develop a real points system.

Servo-skull: yUnden plants, Isidor singksh

Fuck, I thought I told you to stop speaking in Captcha; I'm not a techpriest and I don't understand that shit.

Servo-skull: 178. sursho snuzecok skyurg

*Facepalm* Emperordamnit just forget the whole thing; let's get the fuck out of here. I have some disciplining of Sisters to take care of. Just ... don't be heretical or anything. *Ominous tone* THE INQUISITION IS ALWAYS WATCHING .... AWAAAAY!!!

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What the fuck at this list.

Who the fuck uses stormtroopers and vanquishers.

Wrong thread bro, unless this is now retarded lists thread.

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the board doesn't have any feng shui, and the hostility and intolerance has been around since the beginning (though it was focused on furries more, in the past)

the only people surprised by this shit are the ones who literally buy into the "/tg/ is the best board ever! It's so civil and nice!" crowd.

/tg/ is host to a wide variety of in-depth, intelligent and comprehensive discussion on seemingly infinite topics, but you need to remember that these are the folks who started (or propagated) the whole "HERESY" shtick, and have no problem mercilessly hounding things they deem unacceptable

Rather than place the blame on the board acting as it always has, it would be easier to avoid threads like this by not pushing /tg/'s buttons in the first place.

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