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I dropped Warhammer for a while and have been out of the loop for over a month.
Literally how have the LRL still not released? And I thought the box set was sold out? Why is it back on the store? Is GW just full of shit? Don't answer that. Rhetorical question.

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Well that makes my day. Why is this anime perfect for reaction images related to this general?

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My bad, Anon.

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I think I get the joke, but I just wonder why.

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Now that's just unfair.

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Why does one need that many missiles? Do missiles count as dakka?

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Should I get rid of beast control too then, captain?

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So let me get this straight:

Dune is a movie/series about the human race that gets addicted to super crack to the point where it takes over the entire economy reverting our democratic governments to a single monarchy with supporting nobility, a step backwards in progression. Then we have people so addicted to the stuff they turn into mutants and are used to traverse the galaxy at a much easier fashion. Then there is a company that has a monopoly on the spice and its refined state and distribution called the space guild, which due to politics and money has even the emperor at their beck and call making them a kind of shadow government.

So a single faggot goes there and drinks the LSD of life and becomes super psychic and starts a revolt to where now he is the main supplier and distributor of the space meth. That means he effectively undermined the entire system and took the monopoly way and made him and his new tribe the now standing shadow government.

Seems like a series who will have revolts non stop throwing around ownership just to spur on sequels.

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>/b/'s glorious victories and conquests

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To expand with a specific situation: The opportunity to acquire power came, when our party was hired on to assist some hunters in reaching an oracle type of thing. There was time for anyone with individual questions, since we were there anyway, to see her in private. My character asked for a road to power, and was pointed towards a certain, extremely rare, tome of alchemy. Another PC did the same.

From there on, there was quite a bit of similarity in our approach in the race to get the book. The PC's were not aware of eachothers ambition or quest for the book, but as a player, I couldn't quite shake the feeling that maybe I was giving my fellow player "good ideas", if that makes sense. So that's why I started doing some things in secret, and things kinda escalated from there.

I just don't want a repeat this time around, because it wasn't actually very social and comfy.

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>not wishful thinking of the highest order.

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Now is the time to be upset.

I just imagine that your end game map is going to be bare of all nations, units, and peoples.

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This isn't really related, but I actually was dumped like that once. Severing all ties of communication with someone for no reason or without explanation as to why is a brutal way to give someone the boot, man.

The blade of hope cuts deeper than even the sharpest rapier.

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I have both a dog and a cat.

Is this why I've pleased no one whilst maintaining my humility and why I've never had the sexy time yet masturbate continually?

Have I cancelled myself out? Do I even exist?
oh god i'm spiraling

so ronery

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I just tried to play again. The first monster his brother fought, I made it stronger and he didn't get any help so he ran out the room crying. That can be comical but I can't really play it with them. I tried to explain that it's the whole point of the game, but they just kept arguing about it.

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But he is worshiped as a god and is a big deal in the warp.

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Wait a minute...you're totally right.

[x] Ok. Let's go.

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Yeah, my brother's one of those guys that yells at people who care about what happens in a game story-wise, so I can understand that.

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Yeah I figure as much on the vampire shtick but I don't know why I can't get any of my guy friends to play WoD with me.
I find it the easiest for storytelling but I also have declined invites to play battletech a few times (mostly because the local powergamer was running it).
It is at this time I realize I am a very girly man.

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>playing a male character
What crazy world am I in?

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