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No, Chaos is dick-shittingly evil.

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Chaos of course, because fuck necrons.

There's a reason Chaos is called "The Greatest Threat"

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>I have some 2nd edition chaos marines kicking around here, that I was planning on painting in Word Bearer colors as well.
>Spread the Word, brother!

For chaos, brother!

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Codex: Space Marines says that the Space Marines are brave heroes of the Imperium, but we all know that that's very far from universal. Generalist codex lines like that are very frequently subject to exceptions.

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Hello sir,
Have you heard the good news of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos?

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dark apostle, possessed marines, defiler and chaos termies.

Purely from an aesthetic and fluff point of view, they look fucking sick and I have a hardon for all things word bearers.

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Can someone explain to me why the addition of Erebus to the Horus Heresy fluff was necessary when he's just Kor Phaeron 2.0?

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Red turned aside the rattling swipe of yet another chainsword, driving it back at it's wielder with enough force to push the whirring teeth into the man's shoulder. Needless to say, the results were messy.
Above the din of combat echoing all around him, Red could hear a murmuring that escalated into a chanting cacophony which reverberated throughout the black hall. Red contemptuosly swatted away another clumy attack, and turned to face the archway from which the chanting originated from. So large was the hall that between him and the arch fought a hundred battles. His human dogs were proving themselves worthy of his command. Red looked beyond, where ghostly green glow illuminated the ceiling beyond the black arch. It was time he abandoned the human's little sport and challenged greater foes.
He waded through the melee, knocking humans out of his path as if they were nothing but brittle branches of trees. His auspex detected a burning bright heat source to his left, and he threw himself into a roll as it discharged. A shock of blue plasma exploded against an enemy warrior behind him, the human's cries for blood cut off as he screamed in agonized pain. His cry was cut short as one of Red's warriors removed the man's face with a swipe of his sword.

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this guy here/possessed marines/kommandos/chaos termies

I would be ok with being all of them bar the possessed marines.

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Trying to get a fluffy kill team list going here and I've got a few ideas. I'd like it if you guys would let me know what you think. These all leave room for upgrades as well.
5csm +20 cultists (word bearers) 175
5 csm +5 raptors (night lords) 170
10csm (whatever I may decide on) 140
Am I being retarded here?

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still no scan?

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Drop Claw/Power Fist and take Black Mace,

Demon Weapon I know, but every time I used the thing it just causes my Lord/Apostle (Word Bearer fluff list ftw) to go Balls deep into whatever they're facing.

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Chaplains? Weak lapdogs, all of you. We were the first of your kind, and we saw the truth... all you have to do is follow, and yet you refuse.

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>Only Worshiping one of the Great Powers

Oh Brothers...you are doing it so wrong.

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I see the false corpse god sends his dogs to bark at us. Nothing a stern whack with my Crozius won't fix.

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I don't hate Lorgar, in fact I love and run The Word Bearers. Logar is a favorite. Fuck the fool worshiping the Corpse God, and our Chaos brothers who are too simple to worship all the Great Powers....they are beneath us.

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I think that /all/ summonings should have a chance of going terribly, terribly wrong. Greater summonings should be multi-session affairs and bring down entire worlds and require immense effort and preparation.

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I chose Word Bearers because they're the essence of betrayal.
From once worshipping the Emperor as a god even though they knew of the rules.
He then obliterated everything they stood for.

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1: Ren - Means: ''Clean, Pure, Reindeer*Fuckyeah*''
2: Ulv - Fuck yes.
3: Björn - Bear
4: Erebus - WH40K Fuck year

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That Feeling when your Dark Apostle wipes out a Dark Eldar Archon with a 2+ invun and his retinue with a single successful wound from the Black Mace.

AFTER he rolled a 1 for his daemon weapon attacks (new rules for daemon weapons allowing base attacks at WS1 ftw)

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So, I've been scouring the web, but I don't see any tacticas that address this question:

What is the optimum unit size for the various marine units? I play CSM, but I figure it's probably the same for both CSM and loyalists.

5, 10 or somewhere in between?

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