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No bullying!

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>Do magic users care about cats in your setting?


>Why or why not?

In one setting cats ward of evil spirits, bad luck and black magic. Hence magicians have at least one of them for safety reasons, like modern pyrotechnics have fire extinguishers.

In another setting cats are breathing magical batteries; they passively absorb radiant magical energy from their environment and store it in their system.

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If you're intent on trolling, there are FAR more subtle ways of doing it. Really. I've been in games like that and you can always do better than what you just described. Just play a Magical Petting Zoo druid. Best part is you'll look like you fucking fit. Last GM I played with one quietly admitted after the game that he had a flawed DMPC after all was said and done.

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Different races for different settings.

One setting has dwarves, drows, orcs, elves and such, another has humans with satyrs, centaurs, harpies etc. and a third has lovecraftian ghouls, moon beasts, starspawns, Elder Thingy tentaclefolk and so forth...

Separate settings allow to dig deeper into different themes and ideas, as well as overall tones.

I've got a fantasy setting and a space opera setting with virtually identical races with the exception that the elves of the fantasy are replaced by a species of humanoid bat-like things in the sci-fi setting but all the other races are the same.

The backstories and details are of course different for each race between the two different settings though...

>And in your opinion what are the races that every setting should have and why.

I don't think there IS a mandatory must-have race (excluding possibly humans) for any setting. If you're making a goofy setting, you can have all manner of wonky weirdos for all I care, though if you're making a more serious setting then you have to add a bit of realism or depth to your races imo...

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This man is our new mascot.

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How do you name your characters?

Do you have a convention you go to when you get stuck, such as choosing two Irish villages for a name? Or do you pluck a name from something you've read/watched recently?

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I didn't even grab Krenko due to already having rabble, dragon fodder, hordeling outburst providing enough tokens. maybe will look into him after i at least use the deck i ordered next weekend.

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I need your help anons, I'm at Raildex now and I can't decide between Electromaster or Meltdowner. I've seen the vids of them fighting, but that doesn't really give me a good idea of what they can do, so, for those more knowledgeable of the series I ask you this: what are the pros and cons of each? Is there one that is objectively better?

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Wait until the kender are carrying too much stuff to move, then kill them all then.

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