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Probably. Looks like one of the artists.

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A young man on the thin side of an average looking build standing about five eleven, with skin the color of hickory wood. His hands were covered with small nicks and scars that continued all up and down his arms shown off by the pulled up sleeves of his dark close fitting duster. Under that he wore a wrinkled but clean looking shirt with a faded scarf worn round his neck. Jeans, secured with hand made leather belt, and worn work boots finished off the look of a man who worked with his hands for a living in harsh places The young man had brown hair that was shaggy and long enough to fall down in front of his eyes.Also seen with a matching bowler hat.
Image is the same clothes....
Ah hell It is TL;DR....
Image Pointing a shot gun down the throat of a wolf demon.

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Forgot I had this one...
Notes in the folder it randomized into tells me...
Carpenter & Assassin raised and working for the church...

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This or David Xanatos.
He plays a good game of speed chess.

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Hitman for the church and a carpenter on the side.

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he looked more interesting holding the hat.

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