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Sarge hands out plasma guns and the squad attempt to mingle with the rest of the regiment, but fail badly at doing so. Ibrahm, in particular fails badly, his priestly robes apparently scaring all the young boys drafted in from the Schola away. Next morning they muster at the landing pad, where they meet the pilot of their Valkyrie, Flight Officer Hikouki. Barnacle immediately calls shotgun. Milamber immediately disputes this under the grounds that when the psyker gets airsick, shit gets real. Hikouki fields a few questions, ranging from the merits of spontaneous combustion of pilots (“Not recommended”), to whether Sarge's microbead can be hooked up to the bigger vox unit on the bird (“Sure, but only when I'm flying in range of you”). He's asks a quick question of his own (“Can anyone lever this ratling out of my copilot seat?”) before taking off.

The squad chute up and reach their target drop zone after 30 minutes. The valkyrie starts bouncing around to dodge AA fire, and Barnacle asks how long Hikouki has been piloting the 'Litany of Litanies Littany' for. Hikouki grumbles about orks not being able to hit the broad side of a barn anyway, and Milamber helpfully points out that the valkyrie is larger than a barn. Hikouki grumbles about him not being the one to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft, which causes Barnacle some concern – apparently he thought the grav chuste attached to his back was for a safety measure.

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Guard tanks are still nigh-indestructible, especially the venerable old Russ. I usually put one or two in my lists to give me some field presence on turn 1, before my air cavalry Valkyries arrive to save the day. I usually justify it with an Elysian list by painting my Russes and Infantry Platoons up as Cadians, and having the Elysian Valks and Vets come in to save the day. Combined arms Guard will always be a good viable list.

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Not all Imperial Guard divisions use Human Wave tactics. They use Tank Wave tactics.

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....Go on

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Steel Legion's motto

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What the hell, I'll throw in my own IG pic.

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What's all this faggotry about TAU already ?

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Hi /tg/ I'm going to play my second 40k match tomorrow against a friend that plays Space Marines.
I'm going to play IG but I have no idea what a good IG list looks like. He runs with alot of vehicles atleast in 2,5k matches but we're gonna play small and go for 500 or 1000 I think. So, /tg/ help me get a chance tomorrow so I don't have to get stomped like I did in my first 40k match.

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Army list time. I'm prepping an IG army for my first tourney (definitely not a big/serious one) and I'm feeling mightily under prepared because I can't yet bring mech vet spam to the field.

So I've put together this list based on what models I can actually bring to the table and am looking for a bit of feedback.

Lord Commissar w/ power weapon, plasma pistol and melta bombs

-Commander w/ plasma pistol, power fist and melta bombs
-4x melta guns
-chimera w/ extra armour and heavy flamer

Infantry Platoon
-4 flamers
Infantry Squad
-sarge w/ power weapon and melta bombs
-grenade launcher
Infantry Squad
-sarge w/ power weapon and melta bombs
-grenade launcher
Infantry Squad
-sarge w/ power weapon
-grenade launcher
-2x lascannon
-missile launcher
-2x Heavy bolter
-missile launcher

Vet squad
-3x plasma guns
-demolitions doctrine
-chimera w/ extra armour and heavy flamer

Leman Russ Squadron
-LR execution w/ hull lascannon and plasma cannon sponsons
-LR Battle tank w/ plasma cannon sponsons

Leman Russ squadron
-LR Demolisher w/ hull lascannon and multi-melta sponsons

Leman Russ squadron
-LR Battle Tank /w hull lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons

Total: 1750 points

Basica plan is to blob to infantry platoon with the Lord Commissar and see how far that takes me. It's pretty piss poor for objective games but I'm lacking the meltas and chimeras for mech vet. Maybe next month.

I've got a few left over models I can bring if anyone has any advice to make it more competitive. Here's a list.

banner guy
shittonne of vox casters (like, enough for every squad in the army and then some)
few medipack guys
commander with plasma pistol
3x plasma gunners
1x melta gunner
and a basilisk.

Cheers /tg/, advice would be much appreciated.

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Space marines can do 500-750, which are good point limits for beginners. IG's big guns can be extremely overwhelming at those points, they do fine at low point values. Orks do alright. Regular games are 1250-1850, and most armies get a nicely filled FoC there. Eldar are in trouble below 1000 points, as their units are horrendously expensive and transports cost a ton for them. Chaos and Tau have their best lists around 1500-1750. Orks scale up rather well they can go as high as 2500 without losing consistency.

However IG trumps everyone, once again. The FoC allows massive armies to be legal. nearly 700 infantry models and 18 tanks in FA and HS. Imperial Guard scales up better than any other. Most other factions are limited to 3-6 of their biggest guns. IG can have 3 for each HS slot and spam lascannons and other big guns like no other. Also their infantry will cog up most armies with sheer numbers in larger games if IG is going horde. If they're mechanised, popping all the metal bawxes takes quite a bit of shooting.

A legal IG army can have 59 tanks. Pic related.

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Oh hai thar!

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