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Dear Drawfriends, this year, for (non-denominational winter holiday) I humbly put forward a request for some character art to help flesh out my current PC. I've been good, I promise. Just don't ask around too much about it, okay?

The character in question is a tall, but by no means heavily built young man set in a gothic era style breastplate that bears a rather high protrusion serving as a protective collar. Over this he bears a long, hooded cloak, a tattered burgundy thing with a warm looking fur trim, that appears to have been something of great beauty at some point, but has long since been weathered. The cloak itself has a tear near the man's right shoulder- three clean slices that evoke the image of a wild animal's claw swiping at his jugular. Thick metal cestus wrap about the ends of the man's forearms and fists, and are plated in the same style as his breastplate. The man's face is exposed, and despite the rugged state of his equipment, he wears the boyish but exhausted grin one would expect to see on the face of a cheery young laborer resting against his broomhandle, and he mimics the pose by leaning with both of his arms folded over the crossguard of his tall, battered greatsword (pic related) while it's point is sunk just a touch into the ground. The man's equally disheveled German sallet-style helm lays discarded at his feet. His face is relatively clean, and he wears no beard. His dirty blonde hair is worn in a loose, short tail, but lengths of it still sway in front of his face. He's got a very friendly expression about him, in contrast his formidable weapon.

If any colours are used, burgundies/crimsons for his cloak, darker, ebony colours for the metal of his armor and sword, and gold/copper for any patterns/details on his armor would be icing on the cake.

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Hear my humble request oh drawfriends!

I request a tall (but by no means hugely built) fellow, roughly in his late twenties/early thirties, but still quite boyish in manner. He wears an ill tended, crimson cloak bearing lion motifs, with a now mangy fur trim around it's hood, bound together near his neck with a button-strap deal. Beneath the front-opened cloak his cuirass is visible- a typical maximillian style gothic brestplate, that appears blackened, as if something has partially scorched it's surface. The man leans on the cross-guard of his zweihander in the same manner a plucky young janitor would lean on the handle of his mop after a long day, and gives the same haggard smile through dirt cheeks and strands of his ragged blonde hair that have escaped the bonds of their short ponytail. All of his gear seems to have started as part of a detailed, finely crafted kit meant for a highborn knight, but it is all in a state of great negligence. His helmet, an equally burnt sallet, lays discarded at his feet.

Good colours to include would be earthy reds/burgandy for the cloak, dark greys for the brestplate/gauntlets/sallet, and maybe some thin gold/orange lines for decoration on the cloak and engraving on his armor and weapon.

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>gigantically thick shovel

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The majority prefers shaved or at least trimmed down to a line or something.

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