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ripped from my wothers womb
beaten and burned
i became a killer of men.
what am i?

dear fear
eagles flight
hunters might
what am i?

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Nop, its not ToD.

Problem is, if cultists are smart, they do not touch town. They just hire a bunch of goblins. Get is? Goblins, no one cares about?

I'd just like to play these cultists smartly.

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Purse snatcher,
Sheep catcher,
A bending road.
Three things; one word.

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rolled 6 + 6 = 12


With the clansmeet in Sel, the rise of the pillar brings unspeakable madness to the vast tent city. Each of the five wise clan leaders and their people succumb to the madness and many to the mutation of the statue. Within days the once unified army of Sel has slaughtered itself, before ever being able to leave for its conquest for Aurore.

A few of the Zeltan people are still able to escape the madness though and in their darkest hour, they seek help from their Arkos cousins. The senate, who was informed of the clansmeet not long ago refuses help to the misfortunate Zeltan, but there is a single Priest of the order of the goddesses, who stands for their plea.

This young and ambitious man, by the name of Alanta set out towards the north, to seek for the legendary creature of the goddesses, the Sphinx.

After years of travel, Alanta the priest reached the sacred ruins in the desert, and confronted with the Sphinxes riddle, managed through his wisdom and cunningness to solve it.

The legendary beast of the goddesses is intrigued by the tale of the puzzle-like pillars of madness and together with the priest, sets out to solve its mystery.

(Command Order -3: 4 left)

(Command Avatar -1: 3 left)

(3 left, 3 bonus)

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Someone motorboating this sphinx's tits (i.e. head placed in cleavage.)

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could you post the one you did before?

also posting my request.

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Someone motorboating this sphinx's tits?

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i once masturbated to this.
felt strange man.

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I, for one, welcome our new winged cat overlords, particularly if a given one has breasts.

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