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>You only hate 4e because you don't understand it!

You know, I wasn't iffy about 4e until I started seeing this defense everywhere.

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>So handcuff him to the fucking bed.

There's no reason to do that in the fucking future. The brig's probably far more suicide-proof and comfortable than any other option. It's so obvious that Ved just went and did it without asking. What the fuck are you imagining, spikes on the floor? It's a brig, not a torture chamber.


Yeah, a delusional break, so obviously it's a good idea to NOT lock him up.

And yes, punitive action, because he needs to come away from this knowing that it was the wrong thing to do, no matter how bad he was feeling at the time. If he'd been even stupider and rigged the base to blow, it'd be just as exploded no matter what his motivations were.

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