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Lad, feelings and ERP don't mix. Not immediately anyway. Go to her, be friends, shag her a bunch, and after a while casually mention you'd love it if she were to make an alt character to slut it up so she can be pure for you.

Remember she's probably a guy though.

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Ha Ha adventure.

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Been going on wild adventures with a female Bosmer who's super fun to hang with. If you want to just chat, hit me up.

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I mean honestly i'm super laid back, you got a problem with my character? Think you'd enjoy a little less penis and a little less height, maybe a little more lovey dovey mood? That's fine with me, I ain't picky.

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My players ended up creating a party of scumbags and petty criminals, so I ramped up the damage and damage-related effects for grit.

Last session ended when a rival gang caught the ranger and the fighter in a back alley vengeance-mugging. Ranger lost his short sword when he got it wedged in the ribcage of the poor bastard who was wrestling the fighter. In the scuffle, the ranger also suffered a gut wound from a knife. Just a knife, but it was a bad hit, so I also applied the Weak status effect. They bolt into the streets, get separated. Session ended with the ranger locked in a broom closet, trying to use bed linens to bind his leaking stomach, dealing with the trauma of his first murder.

I like the incredible variety of ways I can inflict trauma on my players with this system.

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I can't draw.

Group 1:
Me, DM. Pretty popular with my group. 60% story 20% fighting 20% dicking around.
NeverHere: fire-flinging elf sorceress. Likes to put off our games for a month because she's a grad student.
PowerBeard: Obscure-race necromancer. I try to curb his enthusiasm for metagaming and power-playing. My IRL partner.
Sunbro: Socially awkward cleric of Pelor. In love with the elf. Arguably the protagonist of the campaign.
Master of 1's: Half-elf ranger, recently left the group. :( Hardly ever talked, but had a great backstory involving demons.

Group 2:
DMBeard: The necromancer from the other group. Struggles with fluff but runs kickass encounters and knows the rules really well.
PizzaBird: Raptoran illusionist. She works at a pizza place and gets employee discounts, so is very popular with other group members. Personality similar to a squirrel.
Me: Whisper gnome rogue, anti-magic due to backstory reasons. Tentatively becoming friends with the wizard because the other two party members are stupid.
Wolverine: Shifter Warshaper. Roleplays pretty well, puts out a lot of damage but kinda weird, even for a nerd.
Pink: Newest player, Hellbred cleric. Special snowflake. So far roleplaying has consisted of gambling most of her gold away.

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meh can't find power profiles

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Interesting side note: I went through my entire cleric folder and not a single one of those bastards looked happy to be in service of their deity. Emotion ranged from pissed off to just simmering

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Alignment: Chaotic Confused

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flails around screaming.

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The Fallen Kingdom of Nilisia (remember: not Atlantis, totes) that used to be awesome is now a bunch of better elves wishing they had not punched a dragon in the nose. A lot of the islands are taken over by pirate princes, while other kingdoms send exploration teams into the area to find lost magical technology.

The distant lands of Ocaylia (totally not India) ruled by drow (lol indian drow this amuses me too much) are far away and really only accessible via the silk road a long road controlled by hobgoblins. They have awesome spices, awesome tigers, and primarily worship the Phoenix (Religious premis: if you die in an awesome way, you come back - dogma varies between sects, so "an awesome way" can mean different things to different sub-religions). Areveth is super interested in forming a colony here, and it looks like it might just happen.

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bit goofy, but the Captain is fun

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+1 for Kobold piracy.

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OP here, still reading up. I am really liking the sound of this system, I actually tried running some 4e combat without initiative in a style similar to this game and really like the way things flowed and we got to watch what the chars/monsters were actually doing in something closer to 'real time.'

I am 100% going to be bringing this game up to my weekly group.

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If anyone has any sort of skeleton pirate, that would be super neat-o.

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