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Okay so, first off, spoiler warning for my players, so if you recognize any of the following names in context of each other, CEASE READING ON PENALTY OF KENDER BARDS.

>Marcus Dumbledoor.
>Roland N. Bitches
>Abraham Lincoln

Alright then. With that out of the way, this game is one I'm running on facebook. The mechanics are Pathfinder, but the players all fated heroes of a sort, so I've been handling mechanics like character sheets and dice rolling via RNG. The players have left their old world behind and arrived in a bizarre, probably magical realm. Faced with never being able to return home, some of them opted to explore around, while others have simply wandered off on their own. Since I'm running them on play-by-post, this works out just fine, and the format really lends itself to splitting the party if they want to do so; this has been an issue in some of our in-person games so I'm glad to finally be able to allow them the freedom to explore their own threads and leads as they choose.

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Eh, cheescake can work, anime can work, it's more the people and players you need to watch for than the character visualizations.

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They've all got mouths, that ought to suffice.

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I don't see a bonus feat or extra skill point on that list.

Nor a level adjustment to scale with blood caste, but I digress. It's homebrew either way; Tieflings and Sea-elf stat-blocks work well enough to start with; class features can cover the rest, but if the party at large wanted to roll an Alternian setting campaign, that might work for them.

After all, pirates, dragons, mad tyrant rulers and rebellions abound; plenty of opportunity for a game.

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Well OP, let's take a look at your current objective.

>Prevent the party-in-fighting from being a problem or otherwise settle the fight.

You can do this in a number of ways.
>Pick one or the other to try establishing a relationship.
>Reject both advances.
>Attempt to bring the problem to the attention of both participants and ask that they keep the competition from interfering with business as usual.

The first one may seem obvious, but it stands to question as to what your Oracle wants out of the situation. Is he looking for a mate? Do either or both of these women have the attributes he'd want in a mate? Is there perhaps someone else he has his eye on? (lovely lady back home, betrothal oath to return to, a girl in every town, etc?)

If you chose to reject either one or both, be sure to be kind about it; they can break you, sure, but I doubt either one will, and it seems that it would be kindest to be gentle but honest about your intents if your character would ask them to desist in their advances.

If you decide to diffuse the conflict but not the situation, good luck and godspeed because your character will Not be getting a decent night's sleep any time soon as they try to jockey for position while not on the move. Expect shenanigans in large quantities.

>Go for Both.
This isn't an option to reject out of hand, but consider finding out the Lawful gal's traditions, and for that matter if either are interested in the idea. Best brought up as part of option 2 or 3, not as a suggested initial proposal.
(CG one may still be straight, but the paragon of CG in the BOED is bi, so I'm inclined to use that as the estimate.)

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Sleet Street Pally's keep the 8th Street Saviors off their turf, seeing them as a bunch of rich kids causing trouble for no good reason. 8SS's don't take well to the group putting a dampner on their fun.

When the Ash-Faced Fellows show up, a couple of kids from both wind up dead. The 8th Street saviors get pulled out of the gutters by their parents, but they can't stand to let the assault go unpunished, and so will loan the SSP's some decent equipment and such to get the job done.

Meanwhile, the Slick Spades are turning the roof-top highway into a skating derby. They get pulled into the conflict when an Ash-Face ignites one of their main paths.

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