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Would anybody actually be up for this?
If nobody else wants it i might even GM.

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New 40k MMO announced, apparently.


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Is he aware there's a skull inside him right now?

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No Dave, crusades aren't till wednesday.

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so when do we start keeping track of how many power points we spent?

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Hey /tg/, Im running a couple of games (pre made campains) and im fairly new to being a GM, the group im running for is good when it come to the rules and staying in character (most of the time) but are unable to pick up on the most basic story points and are constantly argueing amoung themselfs, so i am constantly finding my self leading them to the next fight scene.
Im looking for any ideas of what to do with this or any game system which is a dungeon crawl but without being D&D (they dislike the idea of playing D&D, simply on merit,dispite not playing it) preferably Sci-Fi.
(Pic sort of related)

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My personal favorite.

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that's quite excellent. also pic related it's what i see our Deity telling the Formless in the near future

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These are 'the good old days' all over again.
Hell, he even got dancingbaby.gif

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Has anyone ever tried getting two different groups of players to unwittingly work with/against each-other, both without knowing the other players exist?

For example, lets say you have 2 groups of players, the trackers, and the killers.
The killers are on a quest to kill a god, the trackers are on a quest to find the killers, and stop that from happening.

Now let's say the killers know of the trackers presence, but not that they're other players, and are generally trying to avoid the trackers.

Meanwhile, the trackers or pursuing the killers, also not knowing they're players, and trying to do everything in their power to find them, and assemble the tools they need to stop them.

And, let's say that they meet, just before the killers finish the god off, how might that go down?
Might they talk when you introduce party 1 to party 2? Skip straight to combat?

Anyway I just want to hear if anyone's tried something similar, or how you might think such a scenario go.
Of course, I think you'd have to have the "right" players.

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Seriously, Dave, give it a rest. We love the Emperor too, but you're kind of being a distraction

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