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Some friendly mechanicus travel through your sub sector

Event > An Ocean of evil > spawn random opponent > roll > orcs!
Orcs are in your sub sector !!!

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So thats the point of Orcs/Goblins in LotR?

I recently read up a bit on a LotR wiki (Haven't finished the original trilogy myself) and Orcs seems utterly useless. They are smaller then humans, craven and have almost no possible attributes at all, they lose every war and battle they are in pretty much. They also hint that death is preferable to the live of an average orc...

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Orcs orc orc orc Orcs orcs orc ORC! Orcorcorcorc. Orcsorc orc orc Orcs.

Orc Orc.

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Look at them. Ranks, files, locked in everlasting conflict at the whim of the player. They fight, they fall, and they cannot turn back because the whips drive them on, and all they know is whips, kill or be killed. Darkness in front of them, darkness behind them, darkness and whips in their heads.

But what if you could take one out of this game, get him before the whips do, take him to a place without whips–what might he become? One creature. One singular being. Would you deny them that chance?

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Orcs are notable for being functional Hermaphrodites. This fact allows them to quickly recover their numbers from casualties.

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The old Dark Lord took beast and man, twisted them together at the finest level and created the Orc. A formidable warbeast, but one which has been bested by men, dwarves and elves. His creations were formidable, but they were deficient in one major area: intelligence. Now I, Fred shall correct his error. After much research into his arcane lore and anatomy and now from my jars has come the first dozen of my new breed with five gross maturing now and will soon be ready for decantation. I have changed their code of life to enlarged the orc's brain by 35%, in practicular has been stimulated the areas corresponding to Mathematics, problem solving and detail oriented memory. So far the test batch has proven stable and have demonstrated a remarkably rapid ability to learn and understand complex ideas.
Soon i shall have at my command an army of intelligent warriors smarter than those of my foes. They shall out think and out out strategize my enemies and lay them to waste. NONE SHALL OPPOSE THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE FRED!

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Always wondered...why in lord of the rings are called orcs what we usually call goblins (except some times that I don't know why but they use the word goblin instead of orc?

Then there are the uruk-hai wich features correspont to what we (and most media) usually call "orc".

Most media is based someway in LOTR and call "Orc" to creatures wich description coincides with uruk-hai then call "goblin" to creatures that in LOTR are called "orcs". But then in the same LOTR orcs (the we call goblins) are sometimes called goblins

Could someone explian me this?

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rolled 4, 2, 3, 1, 2, 2, 7, 8, 4, 8, 9, 9, 2, 6, 9, 7, 10, 6, 3, 10 = 112

The armies from India attack Mongolia. We will wipe out the traitors! There will be no end to the suffering I will put on former kinsmen!

+13 combat bonus

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The attack Orc! Defend to the town! What?!

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