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Stop spamming early threads, faggot

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>So I've got this clown problem
>Sha'i wasn't a fan
>Turns out she has a sister, and she's a clown
>But, like, an Eldar clown
>I found this out in a very odd way at a very bad time
>See, I, uh, borrowed a full set of equipment for making a field command post
>Set it up by the webway gate
>So, I got a nice place to relax with Sha'i
>She's there, I'm there, it's night, under a blanket
>I was really thinking we'd cuddle
>She likes to cuddle
>So she gets under the covers, her armor's in the corner
>And then she shimmies around and the robe she was wearing pops out from under the sheets
>I tell ya, my heart is going a mile a minute
>Last thing I was worried about was mosquitoes (They don't bite her, at least; Eldar blood is made of crystals or something)
>Now - naked Sha'i
>I was gawking
>She was burying her head into my shoulder and stammering
>And this clown in the corner is laughing
>Neither of us were prepared for that
>Sha'i looks up, screams like a banshee, and asks Alaryi why she's in the tent
>The clown says she just wanted to see how her favorite sister was doing
>And it looked like she was about to get down to DOING
>Laughs at her own little joke while Sha'i grabs ALL the blankets and leaves me freezing
>Alaryi laughed at that even more
>Said she'd recite us a play to mark the occasion
>So she stands up and she is TALL
>I mean, Sha'i is taller than me, but this clown
>No chest though
>Doesn't run in the family?
>So she starts on this play, out of the blue, about gods
>How one lone warrior tried to win the heart of a deity
>To be blessed with a fertile harvest and such
>She's doing a dance while reciting this whole thing
>But Sha'i ain't having it
>She gets up, starts to shoo her out of the tent quick-like
>Alaryi says Sha'i would make a good Isha
>After all, Isha probably had a nice pair of knockers, too
>Then she grabs the blanket from her and zips out of the tent
>Mood killer, but Sha'i reaction was worth it
>Red as Mars until I got her another blanket

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>Sisters dye their hair too
You shut your lying heretical fucking mouth.

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Heretical: This regiment has abandoned the truth of the Emperor



>Special Equipment (d100)

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>But we might have a few to many AC/20s

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Denying how great the Imperium is?
It seems we have no choice. Let's purify this world in the Emperor's holy flames.

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Recommending this to be added to the book of grudges from last thread.

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>eaten all of their celestial ice cream
Those fiends!

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>Be chronic ERPer
>Love Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy
>Make a cultist character that is essentially a double heretic; treading the borders of Slaanesh and Khorne
>Through multiple shenanigans somehow doesn't become a splatter of red and white against a wall and becomes an Archcultist
>Know its sue as fuck but roll with it, have a lot of fun with them
>Get in a session with a cutie Nurglite heretek
>They're absolutely fucking adorablely disgusting
>ERP Sessions are filled with vicious, disease riddled sex, rage fucking, twisted hedonism, STD play, and the most debased and self-destructive RP ever
>Entire sessions where graphic detail on pustules, lesions, parasites, bloodplay, evisceration, rape, strangulation, violence, etc. is cranked up to 11
>Every single session feels as if my soul is plunging further and further into the abyss but I can't stop enjoying it
>Both this Heretek and this Twice-Chosen Archcultist are in frantic fuck sessions between planetary war stories
>Closest thing to being married in Chaos
erp is alright. p.fun would recommend it.

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Anyone? Should I get more scions? Ditch the Vendetta?

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I usually do (mind you this is because i run pretty lethal shit, and such)

150xp for the session
50xp for minor clues and such, such as gaining a confession, or finding a witness.
100xp for major clues or revalations, earning the trust of a scornful captain, capturing a sect leader alive etc.
150xp resolving the plot, defeating the cult, slaying hte deamon etc. etc.

I tend to just give all xp party wide to keep my players at the same general level, I do award bonus xp for good inititive and such as well as good Rp or actions.

for example a few sessions ago the party just survived the campaign arc and were interviewed by their Lord Inquisitor, he (I) had them vote on who they think is the best amongst them and has the most potential to be an inquisitor, the player that they surprisingly (mind you I had them write their votes down secretively) almost unanimously voted for was given the right to bear the seal. And such I Gave him the option of taking 150XP or a bonus talent of my choice.

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>Asking questions about complete lack of integrity of w40k lore is heresy child, you will be send to re-education camp immediately to shill about 8th edition on image boards and forced to buy Primaris space marines.

seriously tho, i always wondered how to fill shit things like that and im torn between just accepting it as a grim-derp violent romp or going full autst and re-writing most of the lore to my liking. There is no good answer honestly.

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>This tread.

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>Reminder that bacon is not even a real food group.
Did I hear someone speak HERESY?

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>all the closet furries in this thread

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>that mini on the right

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There is Heresy and then there is this...

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This thread is deemed heretical. All God Emperor fearing citizens are hereby warned stay out of this thread under penalty of both death and damnation of their very soul

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Dear anons - what is the quickest way to paint / fastest colour scheme for space marines, I just want to paint up a tabletop worthy army and I have very little time in which to do so...

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