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That one wasn't in my collection! Thanks

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Aucune, je trouve ├ža juste marrant de trouver d'autres FR sur /tg/ mec, relax


Let's not turn this into an /ic/, /k/, /v/ or /pol/ thread please. I'll just keep posting 40k cuties

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> implying they wouldn't look like this

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Enough heretical xeno lewdness. We need to venerate the Emperor's daughters.

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Tsk, tsk, tsk... Brother Tankred, are you saying those two are skipping their devotions and prayers again? Looks like I'll have to force them... Physically...

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sigh... I never get tired of this pic

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>The Convocation of Nephilim is still valid.

It and the Sisters being a Chamber Militant is about as valid as Malal and the Gods of Law in the sense that it's never going to be mentioned again but not explicitly denied.

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The best way to accomplish that end would be to become a brotherhood, which according to decree passive is a no-no.

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Updated sisters when brothers?

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>>described as the most feared of Imperial factions.

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I wonder what happened to the Sisters of Silence... Did they all die on Prospero? Cause they have natural null fields. Still, it's pretty cool they have in-fighting. Valeria + her rival is still my favourite one. Blowing up a planet with Exterminatus just to kill your rival even though it had a Forge which could produce Anti-Warp technology and attack it directly.

They were awesome.

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huh, well I guess we'll just have to hope he feels like drawing Tau in the future or something.

Without the fetishes.

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Lennick sighs. "Yeah. A lonely death, and noone will remember our names. It was bullshit, but, now you mention it, it does seem kinda true."

Alicia sighs. "For Emperor's sake, you two should just screw already!"

June looks wickedly. "Oh? And I suppose your a pure maiden, chaste and virtuous? If I'm fucking this Guardsboy, you're coming with me!" She roars, grabbing her friend and tickling her.

A moan from the floor. "I...demand...relief...from my posht also..."

Lennick couldn't believe his luck.


The next morning, waking up in bed with a hot short-cropped guardswoman to his left, a busty, alcohol-reeking Sororitas to his right, and a cute schola girl in his lap, Lennick felt the happiest he ever had, or likely ever would. Somehow he also felt this wouldn't be the last he'd see of any of them. Maybe that Vigil in the Stars wouldn't be so lonely after all.

The rest of the 84th couldn't believe it. "How the gak did you manage that?"

Lennick smiles. "Trade secrets, boys. Trade secrets."

======THE END====

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So the Sororitas Pedophilus are a real branch of the Adeptus Sororitas right? They Recruited me from Saint Elmur's Training Academy for troubled boys and so far my duties have not included nearly as much praying and self flagellating as expected. Mostly its bolter, flamer, and armor polishing. Same with me and the other boys and girls, most of us are either descended from line guardsmen or hive scum.

My "tutor" keeps me on a leash when visitors aren't around. She's recently purchased a great deal of holy oil and begun talking about training. How fast do you think jumping out the air lock would kill me?

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>But Commisar, it'd be like fucking a tank!
>I'd think I'd much rather fuck the barrel of your bolt pistol sir.

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I know, right?


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Some sexy Sister of Battle resisting the pull of somebody below her!

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How about this fine lady now?

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Old joke.l the Bolter Bitches are sexually repressed so either A: lesbian sex behind to scenes or B: Straight Shota involving young boys because REASONS.

C'mon LOOK at this. How could any red blooded young man resist it?

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