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Plaster artwork across the books that is:
A. High quality
B. Sexy
C. Pretty

Seriously, they should be busting out the oil pastels and watercolours to splash beautiful scenes of colour for every backdrop, maybe include all of one picture that has actual armour and the rest are either "clad in not much" or have spinning, whirling vibrant robes, and so on. Just make it look amazing and also somewhat sexy.

Let people play whatever games they want with it, but making the rulebooks kind of look like soft porn would draw in big money, because roleplayers tend to buy that sort of thing.

Obviously they should be reasonable. I'm not suggesting they should, for the Succubus entry, show them doing what they do best, nor do we want a centrefold of Miailee's gynaecology exam, but they could at least include an implied-lesbianism poster of their female cast in the middle of the book. Seriously, it'll sell. Then they can write whatever shitty rules they like and no-one will care.

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