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Ollanius the Pious is the epitome of Imperial sainthood, believed martyred at the hands of Horus himself. In the millennia since his passing, Ollanius’ deathmask has been revered as a holy relic; whosoever wears this ancient artefact is granted the determination and endurance of the famous martyr himself. The mask is a terrifying piece of craftsmanship, depicting in obsidian and void-fired bronze the agonised visage of a tortured angel. It is said that, in the presence of traitors, the Deathmask will weep tears of blood.

The bearer of the Deathmask of Ollanius gains a 4+ invulnerable save, and has the It Will Not Die and Fear special rules.

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>Sanguinius standing between the Emperor
>Not Saint Ollanius Pius

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There is a movement behind me. Some lagging warrior just arriving, too late to die gloriously in the melee, just in time to see his Emperor fall. I don’t even glance at him. His breathing is ragged with an edge of hysteria, no legionary this but merely a man, one of the guardsmen who had followed me onto this floating hellship. How he has survived to reach this chamber I can scarcely imagine, the inhuman horrors of this vessel, no great terror for an Emperor or even a marine, are still unholy terrors to a man. Yet here he stands, alone of all who followed he remains standing, outlasting even his Emperors resolve. Without hesitation he steps forward, placing himself between me and the approaching Warmaster. I look at this man, this mere human man, faced with a scene he cannot comprehend, standing between his Emperor and the mightiest of foes, walking gods of battle and destruction wielding powers beyond his comprehension. I see the terror on his face, the absolute knowledge that his death is moments away, striding toward him in blackened armour. His eyes hold terror, but his face his hard. He raises his lasgun and fires once, twice, three times. My son has barely glanced his way, and pays no more heed as the futile shots score his armour. In the space of those three shots he has closed the last distance between himself and the guardsman and with a contemptuous flick of his claw he sends him flying, shredded and broken into the far wall. I see his nameplate pressed into his back as he flies, one word: Pius.

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Ollanius Pius then walks in, jealous of the size of his mighty balls Angron falls to his knees and breaks his own neck out of shame

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My duty.

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Which campaign? This is just the background of the characters and Inquisitors.

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Don't forget the patron saint

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This is how I want to Only War.

But Horus is long dead and the Emperor sits eternal in his throne on distant Terra. His sons have been lost; felled in long gone days and far flung places where I could not be, or off on forgotten wanderings through distant stars.

The time of heroes and legends is over, and the fires of the fires of that great time gone out, never to be relit. We stand in the waning years where men are but men and can never be more. Where even honor and pride have left the world of man.

There is only duty remaining to us. To fight and kill and die to hold every speck of dirt and gasp of heir given to us by those heroes, so that our children may grow up in a world no worse than the one we had.

As the Emperor sacrificed himself for mankind, so too did the Saint for Him. And so we shall for for both. Truly, it is the least we can do.

But it is all we can do.

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this... this motherfuckers, is how I Guardsman.

Top. That.

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Ollanius Pius, the man who told Horus to go fuck himself.

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remember his sacrafice.

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"Where I fall ten more shall take my place! And one-hundred each of them! So strike me down! I am the harbinger!"''
--Saint Ollanius Pius, whilst fighting Warmaster Horus

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Is there any catachan hero who is not completely badass?
I mean each hero is a one-man army from a army largely comprised men with that quality.
Harker wields a heavy bolter as if it were a lasgun
Sly Marbo no explanation needed
Straken he punches chaos and is just awesome.
But in a universe of super power armored immortals and aliens, the most badass people are the mere mortals who stand up to them.
>pic related

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>Ollanius Pius
>Complete monster

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...and then the Paladin rushes out of the gate to take the threat head on and buy some precious some time, just so the Villagers have a chance to make it through.

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Better version

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>Ollanius Pius
>Now superpowered immortal psyker
>Still jobs for Horus.

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Hey /tg/ its been a while,


After this news I am all but a shell of what I was an hour ago. I know I haven't discussed my 2.5k guard lists or 3.5 campaigns with y'all in a while, and hell I haven't played any traditional games in a while, but I was thinking of the /tg/ I knew two years ago before the boot heel of the mods came down upon us.

So all I ask of you is this: can we have a Guardsmen thread? Just anything guardsmen. Lists, pictures, fluff. I don't care.
>that feel when you'll never be the best guardsmen on the server

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Ollanius Pius

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After 10,000 years it adds up to the same thing for trillions of Imperial Citizens.

There once was a man and he was badass. He was so badass that he gave a Fallen God the finger. By his sacrifice and badassery the Emperor decided to take the gloves off and the whole galaxy was saved from everlasting damnation.

And the moral of the story? Any mere mortal can be more badass than the gods. Thats why the fear and hate us.

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This is how I Paladin. I hold the line!

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It doesnt matter how it happened. It doesnt matter if it happened.

His story pushes all under the emperor to hold the motherfucking line.

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