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So I want to get into 40K.

What should I read/watch/play/do/eat first?

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IIT: Post your homebrew 40k armies

Pics would be nice and bonus points for a fluff synopsis (its alright if you don't have any).

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Read Space Marine by Ian Watson (A 40k novel, from 21 years ago!?) and repeat after me:

This. This. This. This.

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I love WH40K art so much

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We need one or two devourer dropships from the AdMech to transport our forces from the Krodian Mountains to Novomark.

Leave maybe 40 Tactical Marines of the 5th Company to keep the prisoners contained, rest of us head to Novomark to assist the Veterans there.

Also where is Horim? Last I checked he went MIA in Novomark.

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>hard slogging, trench-fucking, foxhole digging
Yeah, Marines are just terrible at that.

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I like your chaos lord. He oozes iron warrior.

your list seems a little unfocused for my tastes with a whole lot of different kinds of units. My guess is you have a lot of different models and are trying to field them all at once?

Regardless, I'd siege you/get sieged by you any time, heretic.

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Wait shhhhhi-

If I use the sentinels of terra supplement can I not use the space marines relics...?

Because fuck my life I JUST built this captain with the teeth of terra.

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/tg/ could you please tell me how to equip Space Marine Tactical squads to face various threats?

For example, what are the best loadouts to take on Orks, to take on Chaos, to take on Eldar, to take on vehicles etc etc

I'm relatively new to this, and the bulk of my army will probably be Tacs as I inherited a load.

Stay classy /tg/

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Now I'm sure you're all sick of Space Marine threads BUT I need your help /tg/!

I started playing with SM around 2009, but haven't really touched the models or anything in a long while. I've got several unassembled tac squads and some scouts, terminators of both flavours and a HQ or two, and a vindicator I think.

The new book has reinvigorated me, and I think I'm going to pick it up again, even though I've not played this edition at all.

My meta, as far as I'm aware has a fair few Orks and Tyranids, and a couple of Chaos players, as well as the obvious marines everywhere too.

How do I go about combating the Orks and Tyranids especially, with the new book? What should I be arming my Tacs with? Do I need the new units, or would something like Devastators be useful? What weapons are great and what suck?

Thanks /tg/, you guys stay classy

Pic related, my favourite chapter

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Seems reasonable to me. Im thinking of dropping the scorpions, thoughts?

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does anybody have any edition of the warhammer 40k rule book by chance?

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>IF player you really should have more balls than that

I completely agree with this.

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Imperial Fists, spawned 2 awesome sub chapters too.

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Fall back to the basecamp area where we landed our troops, deploy heavy weapons effective against power armour (multi-meltas, plasma cannons, Lascannon, missile launchers w/ Krak ammo). Keep the big guns in heavy cover with clear fields of fire to the entrances, and make sure there's plenty of extra ammo with them.

Remove all objects that could be used as cover by the enemy and set up an solid perimeter about 100ft from the entrances, leaving a large killzone where the enemy will be caught in the open.

Set explosives in the hallways the enemies could come from, and have our techmarines find a way to remotely seal the doors to said hallways, that way, when we see them coming, we can lock the doors and expose them to the void with the explosives.

Have the thunderhawks drop in plenty of extra AP ammo, such as Kraken bolts and/or vengeance bolts, plenty of melta guns and plasma guns, and crates of Krak grenades.

Find our 4 best marksmen amongst the first company, give them each 1 of our 7 sanctified bolt rounds, and get them stalker bolters if they hasn't already got one to use the bolts with, get them to hold fire and scan the foe until positive identification has been made on Ashkenor. Attain said identification with the assistance of Trianon and Damokleon, to know when and where Ashkenor is coming and have our snipers ready to take the shot. Keep the remaining 3 bolt rounds for ourselves in case we have to combat Ashkenor 1-on-1.

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I am His weapon just as He is my armor. I am His wrath just as He is my zeal. I am the fury of the just against the unjust. I am the woe of daemon kind. Let me be his shield and speak His word, as He fuels the fire of devotion. Let me withstand corruption and fight His battles, as He endures the struggle against the end of all. Let me serve Him till oblivion against the darkness, for only in death does duty end.

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>I am the master of my fate:
>I am the captain of my soul.

Land more troops and fan out, have Trianon and Dmokleon concentrate on diving when the Dark Sister will warp away.

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Killed by a Bloodletter at the Golden Throne.


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40k here! Just checking in to let you know that Warmahordes is fucking gay.

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