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Yeah, but fuck you if you're a dirty baka gaijin westaboo neckbearded deathfat, you only get pic related.

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I don't know what it is about them, but femorks are hot as fuck. Even hotter than femtrolls, despite them not having handlebars.

Does anyone have that Japanese version of Kung Fu Ork? She was a gem in the mire of bad artwork that was 4th ed.

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What, like the Gunslinger Adept Chinese chick in the book?

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Yeah, because all official Shadowrun orc art is of huge burly bruisers.

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I used to have the scans of the rest of whatever this is (which had more illustrations of the characters, including Chinese Ork Gun Adept, who is definitely the best thing about 4th ed) but I've lost it and can't find it anywhere.

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Mah runnah.

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I was thinking about starting up a Shadowrun campaign for my firends. We haven't tabletopped in ages, and combination of Hotline Miami and complete collection of Knights of the dinner table have stirred up some urges.

I have only played d&d (2,3.0, 3.5) and some White wolf.
Is Shadowrun a good system? Or should i look for another system?
Know about some fluff and that there are a lot of dice.

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Audience of at least one then I guess.

So, the second game is to take place much later in the world, well after the stage of high magic and into a more tippy-verse sort of place; post scarcity, heavy urbanization or at least enough to provide one very large-sized city. Permanent Contingent lights for street-lamps, flying carpet salesmen in place of car dealerships, and the players were instructed to make characters that would be either part of or working with the town guard (basically the police) on an investigation. They go check out several missing persons which have the peculiar links of all having happened at Exactly the same time. Upon investigation, the party also finds that each of the missing people, despite being from very different walks of life, all share one unique hobby.

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Troll would also work

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OP, I have a player in one of these games running That Exact Build. Are you Megilus or is that build posted somewhere?

Also I find it works out pretty well as a damage dealer with the amount of char-op some of the other players do (pair of heavy meta-magic sorcerers, crazy breath-weapon dragon-shaman), but you may want to tone it down a little; 400+ at that level seems pretty damn powerful unless your DM plans to use effects that might marginalize your combative ability (large-scale fights, 'caster heavy enemies, or other similar effects.)

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"Shoot straight, conserve ammo and don't make a deal with a dragon you bakka."


Athletics: 4
Cuteness: 1
Determination: 3
Smarts: 2

Sexy, Twins, Glasses, Special Attack(Endless Armory of Weapons)

Looks: A pair of young adults, one ork, one elf; both rather busty.

The ork is dressed in a skintight bike racing suit, has an obvious cyberlimb and some of the most 80s hair you have ever seen. Bright Pink. She has a pair of heavy goggles on her forehead.

The elf is dressed in form fitting body armour, a black trenchcoat and subtle reading glasses that have a very powerful AR display. She has grenades and various tools hidden in the trenchcoat for emergencies.


<Pink>: Alright Chummer, listen up and I might not have to bag and tag your dumb ass. I'm a blank, I run on the edge of the the magical, the matrix and the real world. I'm a runner and I get paid to do things that others only dream of. So stick with me and you'll see real magic.

<Trenchcoat>: I have a particular set of stills...and if you are not stupid, you will never have to see them. I'm a professional, not some joyriding fool. And I'm doing this for the money, not because I like you.

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Smaller children might be more stealthy due to having less to hide, and perhaps more devious as they got older (temporally speaking) since they look innocent and cute as long as they maintain their bodies carefully. However, regardless of supernatural strengths, their bodies are not going to be as competitively viable as an adult will; simple bio-mechanics and size difference will make them less inclined to use direct means because they won't win that way very often. More so, when dealing with social aspects of a human-run world, they will have a much more difficult time participating in the society at large since they appear to be children; lacking rights, responsibilities, and privileges that come with adulthood.

Teens are somewhere in the middle; always presumed to be getting into trouble or doing something stupid, but with the right crowd they will always have an easy food-source in the form of other idiotic teenagers looking to do something stupid. This means that they'll have an easier unlife in general for the same reason that agricultural life works better than hunting and gathering; if you have easy and consistent means of supply, without major complications, you'll have more time to set yourself up; part-time jobs for money, hobbies, self-education via public libraries and the like.

I don't have many vampire pictures so here's an orc.

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>Epic Grease
Spell Seeds include Conjure, Reflect, Ward and Conceal.
Conjure to create the Grease effect in large quantities.
Reflect because any spell that strikes it bounces off at an angle.
Ward so that it can't be dispelled or moved through magical means.
Conceal so that it won't be noticed.

Energy seed is optional if you want to have it on fire or with an electrical current running through it.

Animate seed optional if the Spades don't have enough balance to ignore it; instead gaining an effect as per the Skate psionic power.

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My local gaming group wants me to introduce them to Shadowrun, but I have no experience GMing it. Is there anything in particular I should know?

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Can we get some Shadowrun art up in this?

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1. If you have access to the runners compedium it has rules for expanded life styles which allows you to build the "batcave"

2. Nothing is permanent.

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Is that just the ork Gun Adept from the corebook? If so, awesome.

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1. That the wrong way of thinking, shit is what it is. Break into a high security area, prepare your anus to get assfucked by drones with miniguns, paracritters, sprites,until swat++ turn up to look busy to earn those paychecks.

Lower end less so.

2. 5000-10000 per runner

3. Genrally the more info the less cash.


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Hottest official SR character ever, no contest.

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