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He's been TheCollector for a while. And that's fine and dandy.

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He doesn't do sexy, or at least the colossal faggot claims as such.

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if you have top-tier minmaxer who are willing to help out the other players, the system will move so fucking smoothly. Any and all problems that happen will be dice-based, DM-dickery or player error. Exactly how the game is supposed to be played. One player accidentally fucking themself into a terrible character is never good for a game.

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I vote for this. And its not just a local custom of some backwater world that worships the emperor as some distant sky god. But a Sorotas-controlled shrine world who's waters are said to have been blessed by the Emperor.

And the cultists believe they can infect it with chaos energy.

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I cannot believe I did this.I suck at drawing but here you go.

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