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>That might as well be true.

Except it's not, they were born from the thoughts and emotions of sentient beings and became sentient themselves between now and 8000 B.C.

>Said no source ever.

It was in one of the FFG books. I'll go and dig it up. Didn't save it, because I try not to expose myself to too much retardation.

>Yep, that's true.

Except it is not.

FFG's whole Chaos fluff rides on the god awful 4e daemon codex, which took a shit on everything Chaos related and 4e faggots hold it as a testament.

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It's simple, we kill the Chaos, man.

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Or because he knows that without the Great Game there is peace, and that's a horror even Khorne would not unleash upon the world.

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How about you roll up you 4e bullshit and stick it up your dick? 6e has brought the fluff back on track and maybe you should get with the program as well.

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>Tome of Blood: October 2012
>Codex: Chaos Daemons: March 2013

Also here from the codex, if one god would win over all others, there would be no more Great Game and the warp would be still.

Are you still going to be a bitch about it or accept it your special snowflake 4e Chaos is bullshit like everything else in 3e and 4e. Or are you going to join Sisters in claiming Sisters as Ordo Hereticus troops is totally canon?

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