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>Dark tower movie was neat.

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>other DA players falling for trash tier b8
>7th ed bandwagon fags detected

Back in my day we were too busy being angry about our tiny ass supplement codex to care what other shitty chapters and chaos niggers thought.


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Aragorn and Faramir are very clearly fighters under the guise of the term "rangers". Obviously neither of them are throwing nature magic or have animal companions.

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>MFW I first saw the mechs and realized they were the most realistic I've seen because they used wheels to skate around rather than running
>MFW they completely threw that out the fucking window in season 2 with fucking particle cannons, energy shields, and having every mech and it's mother fly

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>new 52

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The autism...

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Dude... Can you even look at yourself in the mirror anymore?

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No, anon, it's far too dangerous. What your avatar is becomes how people begin to see you, or gives them a general impression of who you are. It's illogical, but that seems to be how our brain works, even when it's obvious that someone can't be a knight or a Space Marine. It's especially a problem when the communication is entirely text based, so you don't have someone's voice constantly reminding you this is a man, not a cute anime girl.

So: if someone sees cropped porn as your avatar, and they start to connect that mentally with what you must be like, that means that they assume that you are...?

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>The Emperor
>Remotely good

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I mean, I like Warmachine and the setting and idea sound fun but destroy Warhammer Fantasy forever for this!?

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I suppose it really is up to the GM, I wish it had more direct guidelines for stuff you made yourself though.

"Assuming a five-day workweek, most enchanters put in an average of 22 workdays per month. So the cost per point should be equal to $700 divided by 22.

However, enchanters also have to assume responsibility for the possibility of failure. Failed enchantments are rare; since enchantments must be cast at skill 15 or higher, they succeed at least 95% of the time. However, the cost of replacing that 5% of failed projects must be figured into the daily rate.

Thus, the final labor cost per point is equal to $700 (monthly pay) divided by 22 (workdays/month) divided by .9547 (chance of success), or about $33."

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>chicken cackle
Man, what?

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>Akuma no Riddle, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, and Seikoku no Dragonar combined into a quest.
Not even all the waifus can save this trainwreck. 11/10 - IGN

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>Ash isn't regarded as pokesatan

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Alright, it's just that I've had a bad experience with micro-atomics one time. I got burn marks. And yes, I was far away but that didn't stop that monster from throwing my own assassin at me.
Converting some worthless underhive pauper into a cherubim servitor
>Emperor Smiles on this
Turning a child with incredible and holy lineage in a retarded living psy-focus
>Emperor is face palming

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Please no, I'm trying to get off here!

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Why the fuck are you trying to justify this, your point is stupid too. He doesn't get off from playing an Xbox, he just enjoys it. I might get hyped watching a movie or some shit but just because I'm into it and excited doesn't mean it's the same level of excitement as having sex with my partner.

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The Empire can suck a dick, seems they let anyone in these days. You Kroot have some odd habits, but you can shoot well and smack the shit out of someone, which is all that really matters. I'm a goddamn Tau and I could clock a space elf out, and that's saying something.

>gue'la holopic related

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>DM complains we should've went the other way and now we can't run into the equivalent of Zordon and get some retarded super power bullshit.

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