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Could go the 'greater good' route?

For example the land is ruled by a king who dishes out brutal as fuck punishments for the smallest crimes (Cutting off a guys hands and feet for stealing a loaf of bread and running from the City Guard for example) however this means that the city has virtually no crime. He forces young men to join his army or their whole families are killed infront of them, however the kingdom is so well protected by said army that no invader dares try anything.

His taxes are punishing but the city has clean water and food available. Children are forced to work but the city makes tonnes of cash exporting its goods. In a sense, hes a good king. His people are protected, healthy and prosperous. But his people are terrified and unhappy. They consider him a tyrant.

Maybe a desperate resistance cell has hired you to kill him. Maybe you visit this city and notice how quiet the towns people are, their fake smiles all the more chilling. When the party confront the king in a final showdown he sighs and shakes his head. He knows that his people suffer. But do they not live? Are they not fed and warm at night, protected from the evil world outside? They are scared? SO BE IT! It is for the greater good.

Thats what I would do.

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Right now the group is falling apart. Our fort is over-run with shadows of future commitments and the baying of doubt, and deep in my heart I know that the Age of Fun is coming to a close. I know what must be done. Too long have I stood in the shadows, playing at being a player. I will take the shards of the group that was broken and forge it anew, and take my place as Forever DM, guardian of the Fun.

There may come a time when the strength of gamers fails. When we double book sessions and break our bonds of fellowship.
But it is not this day.

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>Attempt to use diplomacy on king to get the truth
>Roll a five
>Cast gallant inspiration, making me succeed my diplo roll
>He notices I cast the spell
>I fail the bluff test to lie about casting a spell
>Entire party kicked out of castle

Cheer me up /tg/. Anybody got stories of letting the party down? Or epic failures in general?

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Challenge: play a paladin who doesn't fight at all, but instead is a leader, a planner, a master strategist, a high-charisma speech-giver who rouses a population to put down Evil, and brings out the best in people.

Make him old. Make him a "her" instead, like a Joan of Arc, but wears the sword and armor just to be one with the troops. Make him a child, and the best of a new generation; one with a vision for his people, a paragon.

Make her a beautiful survivor of a great disaster, one who has woken up from a coma, and has visions, even while laying-on-hands healing the locals, she insists "I've been elsewhere, to a beautiful land. I saw our dead forefathers there. They told me we must rise up to defeat this tyrant for the good of all."

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>See DeS/DaS thread
>Campaign I just finished (DM) was very Demon's Souls influence
>Thread is all spoilers
Leaving before I learn that Dark Souls is all about strong creatures ruining my low-fantasy medieval anus.

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Fuck nova.

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So that my children won't have to

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well I could take some of those nid bitz off your hands, I may need the talons at some point. a shame you don't have any other daemon bitz though, you have my Email though (if you don't it's in the field) send me an offer for it and we can haggle and deal.

as for the rest of ya I'm leaving this thread so take that how you will....have a nice evening/morning /tg/

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>How does one invade the USA?

you buy all the land you can legally own from a foreign country, then you see how many law firms and what not you can corrupt or buy, then you see if you can corrupt some politicians so they can work for you in the government. Smuggle your troops into the country as immigrants (legal or otherwise) and have them form sleeper cells. then when you get enough of them over here take entire states down from the inside safely and "legally".

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I'm actually still playing, I take a turn, wait a bit look over the board again as the other player and make my move, then I take a little break....but in the end yes I will lose.

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lul, viral? I'm just a stoned lurker who decided to help out a fellow terrain builder. I've only ever bought 2 Anima tactics mini's damnit they make damn good statues.

Naw, I don't. Google it, go on Coolminior not dude. I can only tell you where to look, not look for you.

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