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>math/physics are actually useful

On the other hand, we need to pay attention to our music classes for pic related.

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The curse is supposed to not actually do very much.

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>Playing Star Wars EotE
>Be a battle droid
>Completely annihilate enemies that my teammates would die to without me
>Other players complain I'm OP
>group sits down to talk about it after one session
>everyone agrees that I'm ridonkolously strong since I put every single experience point in either combat stuff or stuff that would lead to more combat stuff and that I should advance in other areas for a while
>it is also agreed upon that the other players are equally at fault for gimping themselves by choice (one player literally always engages in melee even though he has a bowcaster that is better than my rifle) or not investing any points whatsoever in combat feats
>we do this to lessen the power gap between our characters
>everyone is happy and keeps enjoying the game
i am truly blessed not to play with a bunch of retarded manchildren.

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quite literally a classic. great for setting the scene of any fantasy setting.

Fantasy Montage song.

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I've been slowly gathering background music for a campaign I'm constructing. Each city/location and event is going to have their own soundtrack.
I'm also going have each PC choose a themesong for their character which I will play whenever they do something awesome.

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pic related

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Not so much a single battlecry, but contemporary scholars at the time (both Christian and Muslim) give accounts that it was King Richard's personal presence on the battlefield that lent the crusaders victory here.


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I don't have much but you are welcome to it, OP.

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You, I like. You're on my team.

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bard thread!

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>There's more war movies and war novels than actual wars in human history.
>Imperial Guard is nothing but historical armies in space.
>OP unable to relate to a human soldier.

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If you were a wizard that lived in a fantasy world would it be conceivable for you to make a living by selling buffs to the citizens of that realm?
Say someone had an exam and you cast an intelligence spell on them that lasts the day for a modest sum or a bard be hired by sports teams to make them play well?
Or would that be too much like dealing in performance enhancing drugs?

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Jew's harp street musician:

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>Em suggested finding a niche to fill on-base. Maybe try that.
>Look into picking up a skill? That was another idea.
Might be good to mix this two? I mean if the Niche is filled with a skill we can pick up? Willing hands are better than pressed folks. Plus its a distraction.

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>Experienced 3.5 / Pathfinder, really really want to try Shadowrun, anything Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu d100
>GMT +1
>For this and the next week, all day long. Usually in the afternoon and sometimes on weekends.
>I can click a download link, so anything really. Can get a dicebot for IRC.
>I enjoy both roleplaying and combat heavy groups and will do either.

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