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She's not particularly fuzzy, though she may be a cookie-eating dragon.

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It's... debatable. I do try to keep to a humanoid form, barring one or two changes (occasionally a third eye, or maybe a tail, that stuff) but a humanoid form nonetheless. I know some people might consider this 'inefficient' or 'a waste of time', sure. And who could blame them? At this point my jumper-self's body is literally made of magic, with magitech cybernetics and flesh being so intertwined they may as well be the same. By some definitions that IS eldritch. But I still like to keep to a humanoid appearance. It's simple, it's what I'm familiar with. If there's no desire to become some grand abomination, then why go for it? Besides, folks probably consider me one already.

Pic related a lot of the time. I want to be otherworldly, I want to be tall, I want to be curvy. Along with being ripped. Amazonian body type, yes plz. Because why the fuck not? I get to look alluring AND strong at the same time!

Honestly? It's not a bad thing to want to take precautions, it's just part of who you are. But I don't think you have much to worry about, Aslan's pretty chill, and if you're willing to listen then chances are they're only gonna give you a lecture because you didn't know any better for whatever's at hand.

Just be yourself, don't sweat it, I'm pretty sure you're gonna be fine. I do understand where you're coming from, so the best advice I can give you is just relax and don't worry about it. Just act natural.

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Is it waifu posting time?

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Pic fuckin' related. Except by now imagine them 67'4" in height.

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...depends on if you're talking my disguised form or true form. True form would be pic related, I am doing my DAMNEST to get a good demonic aesthetic down... and that means more than just the usual 'red skin and spade tail' that media insists on.

(Body Mod)
-Build: Medium (Free) -Get some mass on me. I'm tired of being a twig.
-Archetype: Charmer (500CP) -I've always had low self-esteem issues. I want to change that.
-Shape 4 (400CP) (Discount) -DEM HIPS. YES.
-Appeal 4 (300CP) (Discount) -Perfect skin? That means no body hair. YES. PLEASE.
-Senses 1 (250CP) -No more reliance on glasses, it's time to make them cosmetic.
-Endowed 4 (100CP) (Discount) -Tits. Huge ones. It's about time, no more self-confidence issues for me!
-Color 1 (0CP) -Pale skin, blood red hair, and blue eyes tinted to a violet. Let's get otherworldly.

Super awesome. Super shapely. ALWAYS FIT AND NEVER WORRY ABOUT A DIET.

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My preferred form? Pic related. Then imagine such a being at 23'7".

>16' dragonboy
>wears a kilt

>implying my multitudes of separate lines of thinking with all my psych perks means I can't counsel myself of anything
In all truthfulness... yeah I imagine some jumpers actually do need a LOT of therapy. Whether it's experiencing a really big defeat, or killing someone for the first time... you never know what sets people off.

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